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It's a shame this show hasn't gotten more love on UPN. Steven Universe has shaped up to be one of the best shows around, matching Gravity Falls in its storytelling, humor, emotional moments (which Steven Universe is actually far superior in, honestly), and character development.

The newest episode, Nightmare Hospital, was really good, and pretty frightening. The dynamic between Connie and her mom as an overprotective parent and their child who they really don't understand their child's maturity growth, really hit the nail on the head perfectly for the frustrating battle between parent and child when the two are at odds with one another, but the child feels restricted under the parent's authority. It wasn't the greatest episode, but the events that transpired were great and the outcome was desirable. Overall, another fairly big step forward for character development.

I really hope more and more people start giving this show a chance. The first ten episodes drag a little, but thankfully it's an 11 minute show. Once the story picks up, most people have a difficult time wanting to put it down, even though they tend to want to once they start crying after every other episode halfway into the series ^^;
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