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For some reason, Shiro's question managed to amuse the archaeologist. "Behind the scenes coordination, I suppose. You make me sound like a villain delivering some smuggled pokemon or something."

"I didn't mean it in any rude way...," the young trainer responded, somewhat embarrassed by her carelessly worded inquiry. "Sorry."

The older man chuckled a bit before explaining his obligation to reward those who help with their errands. Upon finishing his little speech, Francis retrieved Shiro's reward. "$5,000, 2 star shards, and two oran berries, here you go! Perhaps not the greatest rewards you could get, but hey, I'm not making millions being an archaeologist."

"Of course not!" Shiro replied as she gathered the various items. "Recent times haven't exactly been the best for harboring interest in the past..."

Apparently having little desire to have such an in depth discussion, Francis decided to return the conversation to the young trainer's quest. "Anyway, what do you plan to do here in Violet City? There are plenty of choices, but I suggest you get some rest before you forge on with whatever you decide to do. You can go for training, leave Violet City, or take a quest in this area. Or..." He paused, clearly building up toward some brilliant idea. "...Perhaps you'd like to help out in my-"

"Shiro, you're more than welcome to help out in the restoration efforts of Violet City if you want to take up a quest here. I assure you, we pay well!" These words came from a somewhat cross Alice, who had appeared suddenly and interrupted the elder worker before Shiro could give a response of her own. "But I think you might be a little bit tired, so why not go to the Pokemon Center and rest up a bit? Of course you want to, off you go!"

"I was going to-" Shiro tried to respond as Francis attempted to protest his case, but a quick glare from Alice quickly silenced them both. "R-right. I'll be leaving then..."

"Thanks for running the errand, Shiro!" Francis called out as she left the room.

"No problem! Take care!" She grabbed a pamphlet on her way out of the building, seeing as she didn't have any plans beyond training in that massive blimp. "Well, they were certainly an energetic bunch..." With that, she took out her map and began the journey to Nirvana so that she and her pokemon could get some much needed sleep...

_ _ _

Obtained $5,000, Star Shard X2, and Oran Berry X2!

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