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More like I still don't like it, but it seems like everyone else seems to agree with it for the most part. Clearly, it's going to be a thing, even if I disagree, and Sneezey's system setup is much better, and makes it less like a chore. Relatedly, honestly I still prefer the KO-reffing system to the SP-earning one, but it does seem that one is the popular one that is going to happen, and there's nothing super wrong with it.

You seem to think I was being contrary just to be contrary, and I guess it's fine if you want to believe that about me. Clearly I was not wrong that the initial changes were not a great step, that needed a lot of improvement and discussion from the community. You can read into me supporting a better-set-up system that the community had a say in, than the original proposal that has several problems, whichever way you want.

Yes, Concept, clearly you have me down to a T

(That part was a reply to Concept, meant to indicate that. Whoops)

Continuing on to better things, the Acquisition shuffle really depends on what you're wanting to shuffle. TL7 needs to be a small but powerful pool

So, from what I'm hearing, this seems to be the proposed reqs now?

TL2: 10 KOs, 30 TP
TL3: 30 KOs, 75 TP
TL4: 50 KOs, 125 TP, 15 SP earned
TL5: 80 KOs, 200 TP, 20 SP earned
TL6: 120 KOs, 300 TP, 30 SP earned
TL7: 180 KOs, 420 TP, 40 SP earned
TL8: 240 KOs, 550 TP, 50 SP earned

Assuming that 5, 6, 7, 8 needing 1, 2, 3, and 4 badges, respectively, and only one may be a non-Gym Badge?

That does seem to sort out the levelling reqs in a way that works and doesn't screw the lower levels, definitely approve there, as long as Acquisitions have the bit of sorting done they need.

Now, on to a related topic: the levelling up rewards.

There's two things on my mind here

We have a lot of Tokens that were put together and token culture was really pushed when they were introduced. But aside from Mega Tokens (which don't play like Tokens in-battle, anyway, being unaffected by item moves) and the token efforts of releasing some for sale occasionally on holidays (all type-exclusive except New Life, which has its own significant restrictions, so while they can be negated, they cannot be stolen by a Pokemon unless it's facing a Pokemon that shares that specific type with them. Not the most common occurrence). We've got a lot of lost potential of learning how to play with items here. Many of them are not seen as worth the SP to buy to try them, so no-one uses them, so in turn, no-one wants to buy them. This is a new and exciting dimension that has been on standstill for awhile.

And with these new levelling rewards, the TL1 Mega Stone was sbatched away and put at TL2, and the TL3 one was kicked to TL4. So we've taken away from the rewards from levelling to TL3, and something that was auto-granted. TL3 now only gives slots, which stands out significantly when comparing to what you get from ascending to other levels.

So I propose giving out a free type-enhancing token (Mystic Water, Charcoal, etc) to TL1s (call it consolation for losing the Mega Stone), with the same kinds of stipulations that they can be exchanged, either during limited windows that the LOs allow Mega Stone exchange, or, even better, limited by timeframe. So, like, for example, maybe you can only exchange it for a different one every 3-4 months or so. So if you pick it up or exchange it, you have to wait at least 3-4 months before trying to switch it out (this would probably be a better system with Mega Stones, too, actually). And then, at TL3, a second token. Perhaps one of the more advanced miscellaneous tokens instead of a type one, or something.

Either way, this will improve the variety of the League, and make it not feel like we've kinda screwed TL1 and TL3 by kicking their Mega Stones upstairs. That way every level has something other than slots to look forward to, but it's mixed-up enough that it's also not stale. And it lets especially the lower TLs learn how to play with items, which is something that should be fostered.

Okay, I think I've got my bases covered here
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