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>I'm going to be blunt here: I understand that some things need to be discussed behind close doors in the LO forums. Something that affects the LOs least and everyone else most is not one of them.

Except this is something that was discussed in public, for a long time. This entire thing started as a community proposal.

We've engaged the community about these changes and most of what we instituted was something that was requested by the community. Nearly all of this was brought to LOs by someone in the community at some point and we did our jobs by constructing a ruleset and bringing it forward. Should we have run it by the community before posting it? Sure, maybe we should have. But this is not something that the community was entirely unaware of. And this is not something we're pushing on the community without any input at all, before or after the fact. This thread was made literally for the purpose of discussing issues with the system, which only started happening after everyone said "we don't get any say".

We go and make executive decisions and parse through the community input to figure out what we think is workable, and when we show you our version of what the community proposed, we get a load of shit about how we don't allow the community to have input on anything ever. And then we continue to get shit after we engage the community on these changes.

This is entitlement. I strongly considered resigning over this (and it's not the first time I've considered it) because of this very issue.

We cannot continue to be a productive community if we continue to act this way. I can't do my job effectively if you can't trust in me to do something that benefits the league as a whole. At some point, someone has to sit down and make these decisions.

Everything I have done in my time as LO has been to bring the community into the decision making process. I've done this for moves, I've done this for SCs, I've done this for pretty much every single rule change I've made, but they've all been abused and turned into agenda-pushing machines and places to have fights and air grudges. And then I get complaints that the community doesn't have enough say in things.

I'm not going to tell you to sit down and shut up and accept what you're given, but fighting every single little change made without notifying each and every one of you about the changes first just makes my life harder and doesn't improve anything.

So go ahead, make your changes, do whatever. But don't tell me that you're not being listened to because that is ALL I do is listen.

I'll respond to other shit later but I think we all need to have an attitude check if we want this to keep working. This was supposed to be a quick and easy change that was supposed to help the league and I'm sorry that people have become upset by it, but the way people have reacted to it have taken what should have been something civil and turned it into yet another source of toxic drama.

EDIT: Also I didn't realize that we said in the first post that you can't talk about the entire thing. That was an oversight on my part and I apologize for that.

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