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I understand the desire for most "postgame" content for trainers who've been around forever but have to agree with Geet; you've been around about a decade. Someone reaching TL7 in a decade doesn't strike me as a problem. Taking so many pokemon out of peoples hands for such a long time isn't the way to go about postgame. As for the speed/ease of levelling issue, badge requirements fix that nicely imo. High levelled people will have earnt it. Also wouldn't object to badge requirements moving down a level, because then people can reach new!TL4 by buying one but need to win one to get new!TL5, and new!TL4 contains plenty of good enough mon for people to be able to knock over low levelled gyms.

More stuff to keep trainers who've been around forever engaged? Sure. But that's a separate issue to the level acquisitions spread we're messing with here, imo. Maybe punt up all the legend acquisitions a level whilst bringing the KO requirements down so the weakest tier of legends are now TL5 accessible (at 75 KO's) and the highest tier Ubers at TL8, whilst keeping the level acquisitions spread as proposed (with Dragonite and co making up TL7)? At any rate I would consider the current announcement (with some minor edits) to mostly address acquisitions, some reffing issues and peoples advancement speed. Consider "postgame" separately.
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