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I'm actually going to say something kind of ironic and say that if we use the scale Sneasel is proposing, it gets pretty close to defeating the purpose of TL7. I'm 4th on the table in number of KOs and I automatically make TL7. It doesn't actually give older members something to work towards because now we suddenly are at the same place we were before. Altering the level system like this doesn't actually slow down the ASB in any meaningful way (if anything because we've lowered TP requirements, which you kept, it's going to speed things up). For this same reason, I don't really particularly like grandfathering people into new levels. If these changes only affect people who move up from now on, we're not really going to get anything out of it. That said, I really don't want to have people level down so we'll do like we did with Cele and give people amnesty on requirements they've lost due to things we've changed.

I'm not really against lowering some KO requirements, but we're going to just have people speeding through levels again if we push them much lower than they already are, which honestly could be compounded by reffing requirements if we start to augment our reffing stock by making it somehow compulsory (admittedly, it could go the same way too, but I feel like the chance of either is 50/50 and we'll probably see both).

As far as I can tell, your proposal amounts to "let's not really change anything and make it so everyone has exactly what they had before". We're not changing anything by making requirements effectively the same and handing people whatever level they're supposed to be at based on KOs/TP alone. It's an entirely superficial change and it doesn't actually address any of the issues that TL7 is supposed to mitigate/solve.

I don't really care about the Novice Badge either way. I think it should probably cost a little more but I'm not going to push for that.

No retroactivity on reffed matches, but I also won't force people to level down. I'm not sure how I feel about the KO system. I like the principle of it, but in our discussions we repeatedly said "well maybe we should let other things count towards reqs" and came up with our proposed system because it was the simplest meaningful thing. I think though that we should incorporate coaching in some way, and value certain types of matches over others. The SP system would help that, but because of speed bonuses, we enter the messy field of "fast people level up faster" which is something we're trying to mitigate. I'd like to find something in between that but I can't figure out how to reconcile them off the top of my head.

Ubers really need to be restricted. If we have good reason to change it later, I'll look at it again, but for now, I'd rather be conservative and then liberalize later instead of having to take things away later.
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