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>Slash supports Sneazes proposals that contain required reffing
>Objects to required reffing when it's Connor proposing it


That out of the way; I was chatting to Connor the other day and proposed the reffing requirements be changed to "SP earnt" (ie not gifted from another player). Rewards faster, active refs over slower ones and also opens up alternate avenues like coaching where you're still contributing to the league. Trying to apply the reffing/SP/whatever retroactively would be a ballache just from an accounting perspective though (I'm pretty sure most/all of our current TL whatevers probably have reffed to whatever requirements for they level they're at - I mean even I have - it's just a pain to go back and check) but support Connor's wiping the slate clean in regards to reffing requirements for your next level up got much the same reason.

On the KO requirement front I agree. TL1 and 2 are fine, but from there onwards New!TL3-7 are Old!TL2.5-6.5 and should probably be KO'd accordingly. Sneazes proposed modifications seem sound to me on that front.

I like Connors existing restriction on Uber legends.
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