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Okay so I've thought pretty long and hard about what the underlying problem with the change is. And I think it ultimately boils down to the fact that the proposed new TL system and the proposed new Acquisition Levels do not seem to be on the same wavelength. The Acquisition Levels are screaming "Hey guys, we made a TL 3.5 type of system that we've really been needing to help even things out around the middle for a while now" while the leveling system is basically just going "HEY GUYS LOOK TL7! ...also TP req changes that don't really make sense!"

So here's what I propose.

Spoiler: show
TL1: Squad Summary
TL2: 10 KO, 30 TP
TL3: 25 KO, 75 TP, Pass Ref Test
TL4: 45 KO, 125 TP, 10 Reffed KOs
TL5: 75 KO, 200 TP, 1 Badge, 15 Reffed KOs
TL6: 120 KO, 290 TP, 2 Badges (1 Gym), 25 Reffed KOs (3 Gym)
TL7: 180 KO, 410 TP, 3 Badges (2 Gym), 30 Reffed KOs (6 Gym)

The rewards are honestly fine and can stay as is, but this proposed system really helps to bring in line the idea that we needed a TL3.5 of sorts, that being the new TL4. Instead of adding an extra step for people to climb to reach things and spreading out Pokemon so that anything of relative note is at a level that has previously taken any trainer not named Connor, Dave, or myself multiple years to reach, this system shortens the steps but evens them out a bit better, making it so you still have to do just a bit more work than before to get to the very top as opposed to our 6-TL system while evening out the middle levels to still be accessible and enjoyable to climb.

KOs in this proposed system work on a slightly more progressive scale than previous systems, requiring 10 to hit TL2 as per the norm, 15 to hit TL3 to bring that down just a little, another 20 to hit TL4 (old TL3.5), putting that literally smack at the point where it would have been the dead center of TL3 in the old system, 30 to reach TL5 (old TL4) which means a little more work for what used to be TL4 'mon but not a TON, 45 to reach TL6 (old TL5), once again more than the old TL5 by a bit but still close enough that it's not frankly a laughing point, and 60 to reach TL7 (old TL6), which is the exact number between old TL5 and old TL6 in the old system so it carries over the workload needed from the old system nicely without dragging the required amount up to be a little over the top.

TP is set up on a bit of a simple scale, with TL2 and TL3 requiring TP equal to 3x the amount of KOs needed (so what would be an even w/l record if all matches were the same), TL4 (old TL3.5) and TL5 (old TL4) requiring TP equal to 2.5x the amount of KOs needed (so an improved w/l record as compared to before), and TL6 (old TL5) and TL7 (old TL6) requiring TP equal to 2x the amount of KOs needed to reach that level (a literally perfect w/l record throughout that TL). This allows for a much better scale of TP necessary in comparison to the growing skill level you should probably has as you progress through the levels.

The Badges proposed are exactly the same as in the changed system, but because TL5 is what old TL4 really was before, I really must recommend we not get rid of the Novice Badge, as it really only has MORE of a reason to exist now than it did before. It makes no sense for us to require people to shell out a frankly large amount of SP on the other badges we offer when they... really aren't that great right now.

Finally, the required reffing amount. I love the idea that was put forward, I just don't necessarily like the manner in which it was. It just doesn't make sense to me to basically have a 3v3 count the exact same amount as a 6v6 does. So I propose we do it in full matchups ending in KO, which would be equal to half the number of KOs the trainer themself requires to level up (rounded up to the nearest five in the case of TL6), which means that they're roughly pulling their weight as far as reffing goes. I also propose that we make TL3 require passing the Ref Test, so at least they have their feet on the ground at that point and have no excuse for not working towards the reffings required for future levels. Obviously these numbers set forward above are all individual to their specific level. And in order to prevent leveling matches from counting, I propose two simple restrictions on these. First, that the match CANNOT be in a scale below 6/9. Second, that the match CANNOT be in an equi below that of the lowest leveled trainer in the match. I think this way we can still have leveling matches count and even go so far in the process as to promote healthy leveling matches in which veterans will teach newer trainers a few things without just tossing out five rounds of typespam and calling it a match. As for these, I would like to propose that we allow some degree of retroactivity to apply, so people aren't bumped down effective Trainer Levels if they've done more than their fair share of reffing. Perhaps a retroactivity of half credit per full matchup ending in KO that fits the restrictions that happened during the time between when the trainer reached whatever level they might get bumped down to and now, as it would mean they'd pulled double their weight in regards to reaching that level.

With all that said, I'm just going to lay off the actual Acquisition Level discussion until my points are covered and considered, because as is if my points are give the thumbs up a large majority of the proposed Acquisition Level changes are going to be okay, but if we insist on staying with the strange metric that was put in announcements, or something close to it, I would have to recommend a lot of change in them.

Additionally, while I do love the new Legend rules, I would like to propose a single change. While I do understand the limit on TL6 and TL7 Legends, I personally think that if you shell out the SP and win the challenge you should be allowed more than that one. And after all we all want to be the best, like no-one ever was. It makes no sense to say "Oh now every Pokemon is available but it's still impossible to catch them all." in my opinion. As such, I propose that we be allowed as many of them as we are able to catch, but with the restriction that we only be allowed to bring a single TL6 or TL7 Legend AT ALL across all of our open matches at any given time. This way we can still catch 'em all, but we can't abuse the power we might accrue.

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