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Spoiler: show

Kawaiider, Level 4 Female Galvantula
Hidden Power: Water
Biography: Kawaiider used to be bullied by Fire and Rock types. She was sad. Then one day she found out that both fire and rock types are weak to ground type.
Signature: Special Attack- Earthen Beam (GD)
Kawaiider attacks the targeted pokemon with a brown beam of Ground type energy, which does Significant damage for Significant energy. This attack has 20% chance to lower the affected pokemon's both the offensive stats by 10%. Standard boost stipulations apply. This attack can be used twice per battle. She gave up Thunderbolt in order to master this move.

Venomonk, Level 4 Male Venomoth
Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: Venomonk is definitely the wisest of all my pokemon. He never seems to lose his composure, always being calm and collected. He always has a good advice for those who need one. Venomonk has severed the link from worldly and materialistic pleasure, and has found happiness in being satisfied with what he already has. He has proven himself to a very reliable battler.
Signature: Special Training- Enlightenment
Venomonk has a resistance to mental statuses, afflictions and curses, akin to one granted by Amnesia, although he doesn't have the special defense boost.
He can't use Psybeam, Razor Wind, Solar Beam and U-turn.

DragonDig, Level 4 Male Yanmega
Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: DragonDig was laid as an egg by a female Yanmega at the Hoenn Day Care Centre, after she and and a male Flygon were left there by their trainer. The trainer however never got to claim the egg. Team Magma grunts attacked the Day Care. They planned to steal pokemon eggs and expand their roster. Although there camelrupts, magcargos and mightyenas were intimidating and formidable, through the combined effort of all the pokemon staying at the Day Care Center, including DragonDig's parents, and the nearby trainers, Team Magma's plans were thwarted. However during the commotion, and due to the earthquake spam by team magma's pokemon, DD's egg got separated from his parents and ended up in the desert to the east. When his egg hatched, DD was greeted by three Vibravas, who took him in as one of their own. They fed him and gave him a home. They helped him adapt to his harsh surroundings. Although they knew that he was a Yanma, they still treated him like a little brother, and never let him feel he was different. Although the constant sandstorms felt a bit harsh against his body, DragonDig eventually grew comfortable to the desert and the sandstorms, not taking any damage from them. His wings grew stronger and larger like that of vibrava's, instead of the flimsy wings of his species. He started spending more time on ground, playing with the sandshrews, baltoys, trapinches, cacneas, rather than spending most of his time staying flying around. He was taught how to dig and go underground, how to cause earthquakes, and eventually even gained the ability to manipulate rocks.
Slowly and gradually, living in a desert and surrounded by mostly ground type pokemon, he became an expert at using earth as a medium for his attacks, and grew much better at manipulating the sand than the air.
Signature: Special Training- Type Change- Dug Type Pokemon (Bug/Ground)
DragonDig is Bug/Ground type now. He has same weaknesses, resistances and immunity as a Nincada. He can still fly but is no longer as good at flying as others of its species, but is familiar with Flying-type energy. He can now use Bulldoze, Earthquake, Dig, Mud Shot. He can no longer use Roost, Air Cutter and Wing Attack due to losing flying type. He will also never learned Pursuit, Curse, Silver Wind, Natural Gift and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution.

Orockle, Level 4 Male Crustle
Hidden Power: Grass
Biography: He was once a religious hermit, roaming poke-world, searching for the meaning of life. But then one day, he found Arceus, who communicated with him. Following this event, Orockle returned to the civilization as an oracle, to deliver god's prophecy. But alas, everything that comes out of his mouth is gibberish and his words end up doing more harm than good.
Signature: Special Training- Futile Ramblings
Orockle can now use Bug Buzz, Chatter and Parting Shot.
He will not use the rock melting acid spitting technique stated in his SC, because spitting acid on others is unholy. Not being a muscular brute, Orockle can't use Rock Wrecker and Stone Edge, and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution. He is not a farmer and hence won't use Rototiller.

Pig Show, Level 4 Male Emboar
Hidden Power: Ice
Biography: He is no ordinary tepig, he is a pig giant, and from now on, he has a ring name similar to his idol's, he is ThE PIG SHOW! But things weren't always so smooth for him. When he was younger, he used to be looked at as some freak by other tepigs. He had no family and friends, and used to feel lonely and lost. One night, when he was searching for food, he caught a wonderful smell and following it, reaching a small house at the edge of the forest and the nearby town. He stood on his hind legs and peeked into the window, to see what was cooking. Something else caught his attention. He saw a man bigger than an average human on TV, soundly beating shorter, faster and more athletic opponents in wrestling. He started going to that place every night, but noticed that the wrestling show was only on on a monday night. Every monday night he watched his role model perform exceptionally well in the ring, even watching him become the world heavyweight champion. He started practicing wrestling himself, and even challenged the makuhita who won the recent fighting type tournament. Although he lost, the makuhita was impressed, and started training him in wrestling and how to take advantage of his weight. After a few months, during my travels in Unova, I came across this big tepig, and he decided to join my team after seeing the close bond amongst my pokemon. He is a powerful and respected fighter now, and anyone who dares make fun of his size gets a KO punch to their jaw.
Signature: Special Training- "Wellll, well it's the Pig Show!"
Pig Show is heavier and larger than others of his species. As a tepig, he will be as tall as a raticate and will have double the weight of a regular tepig. As a pignite, he will be as tall as a granbull and will have double the weight of a regular pignite. As an emboar, he will be as tall as a hariyama and will have double the weight of a regular emboar.
Pig Show's larger size and weight has disadvantages too. He is too big to hide himself in the smoke released from his nostrils as stated in SC. Unlike other firetype starters, he will not get a boost when his hp drops below 1/4th. He can't use confide, curse and attract as he believes these moves are unsportsmanlike of a wrestler. He no longer resists Steel type because every wrestler hates being hit by those nasty steel chairs. He also can't use defense curl, return, frustration, thrash, fire pledge, roll out, covet and overheat and will never learn hyper beam and giga impact on evolution.

Firest, Level 4 Male Darmanitan
Hidden Power: Ice
Biography: Unlike regular darumakas and darmanitans, Firest belongs to a tribe that lived in a forest, instead of volcanoes or whatever fiery place others of their species call home. Living in the jungle wasn't always this easy however, their fire typing being a curse on many occasions. Many times the lives of fellow forest pokemon, specially grass types was put in danger due to them not being careful enough. Rains used to make them immensely uncomfortable. They were unhappy because of these reasons, but they didn't want to leave trees, their natural habitat. Slowly, the fire apes started going extinct. A tribe of pansage and simisage, who were allies of their, decided to help them. They took the fire types to their tribe elder simisage, and asked why were the darumaka and darmanitan tribe were struggling to survive in their natural habitat. The wise sage told them that thousands of years ago, all the primates were grass types, but the infernapes, darmanitans and simisears did something that infuriated the jungle god.
Thousands of years ago, there was a huge wildfire in this very forest, the cause unknown. While most of the other pokemon tried to put out the fire and save the forest, the above mentioned groups abandoned their fellow pokemon instead and ran away. After the remaining pokemon had put out the fire, these pokemon came back. The jungle god, angered, cursed these traitors to forever burn in the very fire they tried to escape and turned them into fire types. Hearing this tale, the darmanitans and darumakas asked the sage if there was anyway to lift the curse, to which he replied that that only the god can lift their curse. They will have to somehow prove themselves to be loyal to the forest. Soon the winter came. This wasn't a normal winter however. The cold this time was unbearable. Many of the forest pokemon, got really sick, some even perished. The grass types, including the sage tribe, was having a particularly hard time. Everyone wondered the reason of this harsh cold. They didn't have to wonder for long though. A group of weaviles, lead by a sinister frolass, had declared war against the citizens of the forest. Most of the pokemon found themselves helpless, but the fire ape tribe came to the rescue. The ice types were formidable, but they eventually fell to the relentless type spam. The tribe had proven themselves to be loyal to the forest, and the jungle god, impressed by them, decided to reward them. He appeared in front of them and said that although he can't take back the fire typing, he could however give them back their grass typing.
Signature: Special Training- Type Change- The ape that lives in a jungle(Fire/Grass)
Firest is Fire/Grass type, and has all the weaknesses and resistances that a pokemon of this typing would have. He can use Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed and Wood Hammer. Aesthetically His eyebrows are actually two leaves instead of open flame.
He won't gain the ability to access Zen mode upon evolution. He can't use Focus Punch, Superpower, Thrash, and will not learn Giga Impact upon evolution, as his parents never let him know about his ability to use these in the fear that he would cause mayhem. He also won't use Flame Wheel, Incinerate, Overheat and Will-O-Wisp as these moves are too harsh to the vegetation. In addition to this, all of Firest's remaining fire type moves lose their burn chance, if they have any.

TalkSick Sludge, Level 4 Male Grimer
Hidden Power: Grass
Held Item: Miracle Seed

Faecast, Level 4 Female Castform
Hidden Power: Psychic
Biography: Faecast is a castform, which makes her awesome and she knows it. She believes she is much cooler than a usual pokemon, as she has not one, not two, but three alternate forms. THREE more forms than a usual pokemon. She even learned a new move to celebrate the awesomeness of three.
Signature: Special Training- Thrice the awesomeness
Faecast can now use Tri-Attack.
She however won't use Double-Edge as two is not as cool as three.

Bananas, Level 4 Male Mankey
Hidden Power: Fairy
Biography: Bananas is a mankey, one if the better fighting types. But unlike the other mankeys who take pride in who they are, Bananas wanted to be different. He didn't like being a same old mankey. So he decides to learn different fighting moves than others of his species.
Signature: Special Training- Variation
Bananas has learned how to use Drain Punch, High Jump Kick and Sky Uppercut.
He may no longer use Seismic Toss, Focus Punch, Cross Chop and Close Combat.

BeatAll, Level 4 Male Heracross
Hidden Power: Ghost
Biography: BeatAll is a warrior who has learned to adapt. Instead of bragging about his strengths, he choose to conquer his biggest weakness, his worst nightmare. After years of endless training, building up his endurance, he can finally take a flying type attack like a mon and ko back with a stone edge.
Signature: Special Training- Flying not so Fly
BeatAll takes x2 from Flying instead of x3 but no longer resists Ground and Dark type moves.

Magmoth, Level 4 Female Volcarona
Hidden Power: Ground

GigglyStuff, Level 4 Female Jigglypuff
Hidden Power: Fairy
Biography: GigglyStuff is a Jigglypuff, one of the cutest pokemon. She takes advantage of this in her battles, and can melt the heart of even most fierce foes using her cuteness.
Signature: Special Training- Cute Charm
GigglyStuff's cuteness based techniques are now slightly more effective, similar to that of baby pokemon. These techniques are Attract, Charm, Disarming Voice and Sweet Kiss.
These moves now consume 10% extra energy. GigglyStuff has given up her entire Dark type move pool as using those moves isn't cute, and no longer resists the dark type.

Scorrupt, Level 4 Male Gligar
Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: Like every other gligar, Scorrupt was super weak to ice. This saddened Scorrupt as he couldn't eat ice cream. But he found a way to be not so weak to ice and enjoy ice cream.
Signature: Special Training- Doubly Effective no more
Scorrupt is now x2 weak to Ice type attacks instead of x3. He no longer resists Bug and Fighting types and takes neutral damage instead.

Twinkle Toad, Level 4 Male Seismitoad
Hidden Power: Grass
Biography: Twinkle Toad, as his name implies, is quite nimble on his feet and an amazing dancer. Although Seismitoads don't learn any dance moves other then rain dance, he went out of his way to learn some more and prove how graceful a dancer he is.
Signature: Special Training- No mean feet
Twinkle Toad can now use Quiver Dance and Dragon Dance.
He can no longer use Poison Jab, Stealth Rock, Hydro Pump and Hyper Beam.

Championsect, Level 4 Male Escavalier
Hidden Power: Steel

Beelzebub, Level 4 Male Volbeat
Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: Beelzebub is named after the mythological prince of hell. Like his name suggests, he is a demonic pokemon, who considers himself lord of all the bugs. To prove his supremacy, he has created an evil attack.
Signature: Special Attack- Hell Ray (BG)
Beelzebub fires a blood red beam of energy at the the target. This attack does Considerable Bug damage for Considerable energy, and has 10% chance of inflicting a Burn and a 10% chance of inflicting regular poisoning. Only one status may occur at a time.
He may no longer use U-turn.

Trolldent, Level 4 Male Watchog
Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: Trolldent has always been a pranksters and has loved to troll his acquaintances and opponents alike since he was a kid. But the other patrats and watchogs were guard pokemon and were offended by his naughty side. Upon finding out that in the land of PASBL every patrat and watchog is a prankster, he joined my squad in order to compete here and brought along with him a bag full of tricks and pranks.
Signature: Special Training- Top-Percentage Troll
Trolldent can now use Smokescreen, Refresh and Spider Web.
He can no longer use Swords Dance, Flail and Light Screen.

Magiga, Level 4 Female Misdreavus
Hidden Power: Fighting

Kapparty, Level 4 Male Lombre
Hidden Power: Fairy

Bugworm, Level 5 Male Forretress (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Fighting
Biography: Bugworm is a rather dull and forgetful Forretress. Although it proved to be detriment mostly, this shortcoming of his proved quite useful in battles.
Signature: Special Training- Forgetress
Bugworm has learnt how to use Amnesia.
He can no longer use Toxic Spikes and Venoshock.

Glalie, Level 4 Male Beartic
Hidden Power: Fire

Shrimpressive, Level 4 Male Armaldo
Hidden Power: Ice
Held Item: Jeweler's Token
Biography: Shrimpressive has always been an impressive Rock type. But there was one thing that he didn't find impressive, and that was him taking super effective damage from his own main type, that is, Rock. With steeled will and hardened determination, he keep training untill gained mastery at defending against Rock type attacks and became a truely impressive Rock type.
Signature: Special Training- Hardcore Rock
Shrimpressive now takes neutral damage from Rock type moves instead of x2.
However, he now takes x2 damage from Ground type moves like most Rock type mons.

Cursor, Level 4 Female Banette
Hidden Power: Fighting

Invertebae, Level 3 Female Malamar
Hidden Power: Fairy
Biography: Invertebae is one of the newer additions to my squad. I found her, or rather she found us when I and my pokemon where relaxing at a beach one day. Being of a species that is famous for doing exactly opposite of what they are supposed to do, she joined my team seeing all the bug types that I have, instead of running away. After some training, she became better at dealing with her bug weakness.
Signature: Special Training- Bug types don't bug me anymore
Invertebae is now x2 weak to bug type instead of x3. She now takes neutral damage from Psychic type attacks instead of being immune to them. She also takes 20% more damage from Fire type attacks than usual. She never developed the skill to light up a dark area using a move as stated in SC.

Gusto, Level 4 Male Pidgeot
Hidden Power: Ground
Held Item: Pidgeotite

Chump, Level 4 Male Camerupt
Hidden Power: Ground
Held Item: Cameruptite

Alolan Sludge, Level 5 Male Alolan Muk (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Water

Fakechu, Level 3 Female Mimikyu
Hidden Power: Ground

Dreadwing, Level 4 Male Vikavolt
Hidden Power: Water
Held Item: Bugcatcher's Token
Biography: Dreadwing is just another Vikavolt with huge threatening mandibles. But like most other Vikavolt's they were really that useful as they barely get any biting moves. Dreadwing was one of the few who realised that he would become a better warrior if he mastered a few other fang moves.
Signature: Special Training- Chomping Champion
Dreadwing has learnt how to use Ice Fang, Fire Fang and Psychic Fangs, with the standard amount of offtype energy for each new offtype. However he never learnt how to use Acrobatics, Sky Drop, Light Screen and Solar Beam. He is also now neutral to the Fighting Type and given up all of his Poison Offtype energy.

Podigy, Level 4 Male Golisopod
Hidden Power: Bug
Biography: Podigy was a battle prodigy among the Golisopods. He was exceptionally talented even as a Wimpod, defeating elite Golisopod warriors without breaking a sweat. But as he grew up, he realised that it wasn't his talent alone that made him much stronger than a regular Golisopod. It was his bravery and courage, the fact that he was not a coward like others of his species that made stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Signature: Special Training- Bold Bug
Podigy is no longer scared easily as stated in his SC, instead he is brave and resistant to fear. He no longer becomes easier to scare when he goes under half health, however he also doesn't gain the boost in evasiveness and agility.
He never learnt how to use Blizzard and Sludge Wave.

Mire, Level 4 Female Mudsdale
Hidden Power: Ice
Biography: Mire used to play with tepigs and pignites in dirt and mud as kid. One day, after being accidentally stomped by her, one of the pignites noticed how heavy she actually is, and taught her their signature technique which takes advantage of the users weight.
Signature: Special Training- Yet another weight based attack
Mire has learned how to use Heat Crash.
She can no longer use Earthquake, Close Combat and Superpower.

Stallily, Level 4 Female Cradily
Hidden Power: Fire

Turretle, Level 1 Female Turtonator
Hidden Power: Electric

Crimsinal, Level 1 Male Druddigon
Hidden Power: Grass

Tongstun, Level 1 Male Lickitung
Hidden Power: Fairy

Spoiler: show

Miracle Seed - Attached to TalkSick Sludge
This Token increases the power of Grass type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Grass type damage if it is thrown.

Cameruptite - Attached to Chump
This item allows Camerupt to Mega Evolve into Mega Camerupt when held during battle.

Pidgeotite - Attached to Gusto
This item allows Pidgeot to Mega Evolve into Mega Pidgeot when held during battle.

Bugcatcher's Token - Attached to Dreadwing
The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Jeweler's Token - Attached to Shrimpressive
The Jeweler's Token sparkles with the mineral wealth of the earth, filled with determined energy and the rock's resolve. It can be attached to a Rock Pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will become incredibly sure-footed, making them extremely hard to move against their own will, and while Pokémon will still be able to escape their weight or grip, it will be harder to move the holder off them. Rocks summoned or created by the holder will be much sturdier than normal, harder to break, and more likely to smash through screens or other attacks.

Trainer Level 4
Wins: 24
Losses: 5
Draws: 4
KOs: 61
TPs: 140.5
SPs: 19
(14 earned towards TL5)

Ongoing Matches
Spoiler: show

Vs Jerichi - Serebii

Vs Sneaze- UPN (Exhibition)

Completed Matches


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