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I just think there should be an alternate method for people who don't want to ref, giving people the option of ref or leave either makes for a less happy community and subpar reffing because they don't want to do it but have to while forcing people to leave just makes the community smaller and makes all the issues I have and the issues you guys bring up even worse. I just felt the need to bring my concerns up front to everyone, and to at least bring it up for discussion, I know I don't contribute and I don't know the majority of the people here but an opposite/outside view can be needed when the people deciding on it doesn't really pertain to them since they're way past TL3-TL4 while most of the people in those including myself are still learning asb since you can rush through 1 and 2 without much experience.

Maybe just passing the ref test gets you into TL4 while reffing restrictions on the next set of levels, for one it doesn't force newer players or middle level players into reffing and passing the test would make more people try reffing at their own pace instead of rushing through just to get to TL4, would you rather have refs who enjoy it and are good at it or bad refs who hate what they're doing. The learning curve is still there from 3 to 4 as players are either still fresh to the game or don't have the experience to give quality reffings. Quality over Quantity should be considered also maybe limit the matches people can battle to 1 on each forum will help with the refs being overworked while new refs are brought in on their own accord.
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