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Round 8: Shield of Kings

Wanting to force his opponent to fall into the Deep Darkness's infinite muck, although for what reason I'm not really sure, Cannon starts off by covering his body with a thick layer of Steel energy, before charging forwards. Having time to react to the attack, Aegislash goes into a defensive position, putting his shield in front of him and consequently going back into Shield Forme, before coating his shield in Steel energy as well, creating a protective barrier of energy in front of him. Cannon rams into the shield, trying to use the full power of his size to break through the barrier of energy in front of him, but the momentum of his attack is reflected back at him and he takes a little bit of recoil from the attack as the Aegislash simply stands firm, not worries about his opponent breaking through his Shield of Kings. The Forretress bounces off the shield at last, having lost all of his momentum, and notices that he's not feeling quite spiffy from the attack, his physical strength having taken a jarring hit from the reverberation of his attack, while the Aegislash stands smugly.

However that's all about to change...somewhat as Forry uses the last bit of his Grass energy to create a bunch of tendrils of energy. There aren't as many as the last time he used this attack, but its still a decently strong attack, and the tendrils move across the arena quickly towards Aegislash. Despite being in Shield forme, it doesn't help him against the attack at all, and he finds himself having his energy drained away from him, although it is less than the attack would normally do so he doesn't find himself very fatigued after the attack either. Going back into Sword Sword forme, Starman rushes at Cannon with his blade, ready to smash him in half like a simple masonry brick. He brings his sword down on the Forretress's shell and it hits with a very resounding clang, the attack doing quite a bit of damage despite the Forry's defense buff. Probably because of ALL THE BONUSES attached to it. Maybe.

Forry has fallen into the final third health wise, although he is still doing okay on energy. Starman took no damage and is beginning to tire, although he is still good for two. Forry is out of Grass while Starman is almost out of Fighting.

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