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So now that I actually read some of the redistributions beyond my scope, the tables have turned and I'm now arguing for Serp to be TL4 rather than 3. While it really isn't that great, as many have said, I don't believe full starters should be TL3 in any case. Simply put, outside of stuff like early game bugs whose entire lines are TL1 because they're early game fodder with little movepool, a fully evolved member of a three staged line should definitely be for the higher end of things unless we want to reduce evolution bonuses, because while Serperior isn't that great, at TL3 it's bound to run into stuff it outranks in terms of evolution on its own level, which goes for many low level evolved Pokemon, but as a vanilla TL3 it can be an Uplevel TL2 mon that easily outranks several other three stagers by two stages at that level, which is what concerns me, because unless someone is very plucky or the Serp user is terribad (or both), the snake can easily overcome a matchup it would normally lose typewise because lolevobonus making it able to generally outpace the opponent. The problem is that putting the snake to TL4 implies its on par with Empoleon which I think most of us agree it isn't. So, in my opinion, if Serp is staying at TL3, we should say that it can't take an uplevel slot, because being able to worm your way into a level where your evolutionary status outright craps on the majority of other mons is kinda...not okay.
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