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Spoiler: show

Rüstung: Shelgon - 3 Male
Biography: Not all dreams come true, nor is the path life has set out for us always clear, these are truths Rüstung can definitely attest too, for just like all young Bagon and even his fellow Shelgon dream to one day fly across the sky on crimson wings in their Salamence form, each of his kin, himself included throwing themselves off of heights that would kill most other other pokemon in the hopes that they would rise, a new and live out their dream. This was not his destiny, for each time he landed as a Bagon he simply gained a new layer of skin for his head armor until eventually, like most he came to be what he is today, a Shelgon. Although he took this as a sign that he was on his way to being a Salamence this was unfortunately not his fate, for rather than growing and cultivating the immense amount of energy needed to evolve his shell simply hardened and hardened, this continued until one day where upon his falling, the earth did not brace his fall, but rather shattered, leaving a massive crater in his wake. Impressed by the hardiness of this pokemon a strange humanoid Banette appeared before the now crying Shelgon, the dragon having accepted his fate as a flightless creature, but just as all seemed loss to the Shelgon the strange creature offered it a new purpose, follow him into the battle and show that you don't need wings to rise.
Signature Typechange: Shell of Steel (Dragon/Steel)
Rüstung is now Dragon/Steel having most the resistances and weaknesses of that typing, however taking neutral damage from Poison, Bug, Psychic and remaining vulnerable to the Status of Toxic/Poison. His shell is now made out of layered steel giving off a metallic shine and is the only part of his body to receive the Steel resistance to physical attacks, it offers no protection against Toxic/Poison. Because his shell is essentially layered steel at this point he moves somewhat slower than most Shelgon. He has learned Gyro Ball, Mirror Shot & Heavy Slam to make use of his condition. He may never evolve past the Shelgon state. He can't Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Hone Claws, Hyper Voice, Round, Roar, Confide, Swagger, Bite, Crunch, or Fire Fang.
Pretty certain that's insufficient bio and drawback for a Steel type change. Rejected.

Hyperion: Volcarona - 3 Male
Biography: Like many of his kin Hyperion was worshiped as an embodiment of the sun, it seems fairly easy to argue he might be.
Signature Technique: Solar Strike(Fire/Bug)
Using Heavy energy Hyperion quickly shoots up about 15 feet into the air or his flight ceiling, which ever is lower. Upon reaching the height he unleashes a rain of explosive embers that rain down over a large arena around his target dealing Significant damage to those caught within as well as causing a good bit of destruction in the process. This move may be used in either a Fire or Bug variant, each costing the appropriate type of damage and costing the same type of energy to use.

Luna: Milotic - 3 Female
Biography: Luna used to spend a good bit of time with a certain Ace Trainer in a rather rainy route, seems she grew attached to the weather.
Signature Training: Calming Rain
While Luna is out the weather will be Rain, Good energy being expended to initiate the effect and reinstate it should it fade, additionally the rain will give off the same effects as her SCs calming aura.

Spunk: Grumpig - 3 Female
Biography: having had gotten her name for her attitude Spunk is almost as full of...well spunk. Having had learned the importance of her pearl/s as a Spoink she has always taken good care of them & has learned to master the powers they grant.
Special Training: Pearl Mastery
Spunk is Familiar with Rock and has learned Dazzling Gleam with enough Fairy energy to use it twice.

Nina: Sentret -1 Female
Biography: Nina is cute, the way she fights however, quite dirty.
Special Training: Tricky Ferret
When Nina uses a punching or tail move she takes on a playful and cute demeanor causing foes to become hesitant to fight back, lowering the power of their next attack and potentially surprising them in the process of the move, although the victim's mental state and the current battle must be taken into account for this effect.
How much power is it reduced by? Rejected.

Vivian: Vespiquen - 1 Female
Biography: Vivian has always been different from the rest of her kin, aside from the obvious part of her being a queen bee her body has actually never been the her true vessel, even as a combee her consciousness and vision has always come from her gem, the rest of her simply acting as a mode of transportation and function. Naturally being so closely tied to this stone and so absent from her actual body has left her more attuned with the former than the latter. It would seem her larvae may have been affected by her condition...
Signature Typechange: Royal Gem (Bug/Rock)
Vivian is now of the Bug/Rock typing with all of the weaknesses and resistances of the typing save for the resistance to Normal. Although her typing has changed her flight is just as effective as a normal Vespiquen. Her Bug moves can be ordered as "Crystaline" causing them to cost Rock insted of Bug and thusly dealing the same type of damage. She remains Familiar with Flying. She doesn't know any of her natural poison moves or Roost.
Needs some more bio for typechange. Rejected.

Vallent: Deerling - 1 Male
Biography: Although all of his kin change with the season, it would seem Vallent has a learned a way to control his look and what causes its change.
Special Training: Oracle of Seasons
Vallent has learned Hail & Sandstorm, additionally all of his weather moves now change the season with Rain Dance bringing Spring, Sunny Day bringing Summer, Hail Winter & Sandstorm Fall. Natural Gift used under these seasons will cause Natural Gift to become Water, Fire, Ice or Ground respectively. Vallent is immune to the negative effects of his weather. For Aesthetic purposes only his form will change to the appropriate seasonal form when a Weather move is used with his base being Spring. His weather will be about as hard for an opponent to change as a Castform's.

Niki: Pichu - 1 Female
Biography: Although one might think of Niki as just another delicate member of the Pikachu line she is anything but, the stubborn electric mouse being able to tough her way through situations one would think impossible for a creature of her size.
Special Training: Mini Juggernaut
Niki's tackling/bashing moves are used with a lot more force than usual being able to push any pokemon smaller than a Snorlax aside enough for her to continue forward and even launch pokemon around her size although all of said moves now cost 10% more energy.

Terrakos: Onix - 1 Male
Biography: Terrakos is an extremely old pokemon, the Onix having experienced countless storms, droughts and other environmental changes that have eroded away and smoothed out his body over the years.
Signature Typechange: Ancient Snek (Ground)
Terrakos is now a pure Ground type having all the resistances and weaknesses of the type although he still has Familiarity with Rock. His body is too soft to evolve into a Steelix and thus he never will.
While it has been done to death this isn't nearly enough bio for a type change. Rejected.

Jupiter: Castform - 1 male
Biography: Unlike most Castform Jupiter was never willing to accept the one flaw his species has, the one weather that stood in the way of their Weather God status, the Sandstorm, indeed through extreme amounts of training and a little help from a Flygon Jupiter has completed his hold over the weathers of the world.
Special Training: Weather God Complete
When Sandstorm is in effect Jupiter will become a Rock Type, his Weather Ball move taking on the same type. Appearance wise he'll look a lot like he's in his Hail Form but he will be of a brown coloration and look somewhat crystallized. He is able to see through Sandstorms and is adept at hiding within them, suffering no ill-effects from the weather. Additionally he may now use Diamond Storm and Stone Edge

Fade: Shedinja - 2 Male
Biography: One does not simply think of good biographies...or Fade...its kinda hard to think about Fade.
Signature Technique: Obscured Thoughts
Moves involving Fade don't fully register with opponents, meaning conditionals such as "Use [Move] if they" or "If you succeed in using said move on it use [Move] or other similar conditionals will fail as the pokemon will be unsure if the conditional involving him has been fulfilled.
Needs much more clarification. Rejected.

Briggs: Shieldon - 1 Female
Biography: Unlike most of her species Briggs was never actually fossilized, instead he was actual preserved within a massive chunk of ice, the pokemon apparently having lived in a miniature ice age before his eventual thawing. Although he has been freed from his icy prison a chill still seems to remain around the living wall.
Signature Typechange: Wall of Briggs (Steel)
Briggs is now a pure Steel type, having all the weaknesses and resistances of the typing. Additionally any pokemon that makes physical contact with Briggs will experience a chilling effect similar to Icy Wind for the rest of the round. Briggs can not use Fissure. She only has an HB of Rock.
See above regarding type changes.

Zendra: Mienshao - 1 Female
Biography: Zendra has fully mastered the power of the arm hair!
Special Training: POWER OF THE HAND HAIR!
Zendra now knows Shadow Claw, X-Scissor and Metal Claw. As a Meinshao she will be able to use her hand hair for these techniques.

Sinestra: Seviper -1 Female
Biography: Unlike Gamefreak, Sinestra recognizes she has massive fangs.
Special Training: Snake Bite
Sinestra now knows Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang and all of his biting attacks now deal 20% extra damage while costing 20% more energy.

Gruke: Timburr - 1 Male
Biography: Gruke served as a master-at-arms under the musketeer trio for many battles, the clever fighter having learned a special technique of his own.
Special Technique: Sacred Chains
Gruke's naturally held item (Timber as Timburr, Girder as Gurdurr, Concrete Pillars as Conkeldurr) are now attached to translucent chains made of energy with the other end being wrapped around his right arm (or one on each in the case of Conkeldurr) and is adept at both swinging and stopping them. He is able to extend and retract these chains like a Hitmonlee does its legs. His punching moves may be used through his naturally held item(s).

Spoiler: show

Lava King: Slugma - 3 Male
Biography: "Lame" & "Halting" these where words used by the ignorant to describe Lava King's former master Hephaestus, but he knew better. As the god of volcanoes and a master craftsman the forge master made many things including automatons of many a metal...and unknown to most he also crafted one of pure magma. This being, this unknown creation of liquid flame did what most would think something as inorganic, as manufactured as Lava King could...he loved, he loved his "father" Hephaestus. This emotion would come to fuel him as time after time he saw how the other gods treated his creator, causing him to swell & grow with anger so much so that the growth was quite literal. Upon the 2nd time Hepheastus was tossed from Olympus the anger that had been swelling within him took over Lava King's being causing him to do the unthinkable, summoning the powers of his creator he caused the minerals of the forge be they of earthen quality or stone & he brought them down with the fiery fury of the forge upon those who wronged his "father"...which they didn't really get to damaged by cuz..well gods...furious at Lava King's arrogance the gods of Olympus banished Lava King to the realm of PASBL where he would fight for all eternity.
Special Training: Giant of the Forge
Due to his anger, desire to please his father, and the powers he channeled in his final assault the following is true of Lava King:
Lava King has twice as much Ground type energy.
He is now roughly the size & weight of a Snorlax
He is capable of firing Lava Plume from any part of his body.

Due to taking pride in what he was created to be he will never evolve
Lava King's anger causes him to be more susceptible to rage inducing attacks.
Because of his mental issues he can’t use Amnesia, Yawn, Rest, Sleep Talk, Round, or Stockpile.
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