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With Fitz holding out the Friend Ball to Panpour, the small Water type tilts his head to one side, as if having some second thoughts. Finally, he shakes his head, chasing all doubt from his mind. Raising his right arm high into the air, he yells out merrily as he brings it crashing down into the small button at the front of the capsule, and with a click, the Friend Ball opens wide along the seam. A rushing crimson beam slams into the chest of Panpour, diluting the monkey down into data and sucking it within, slamming shut all within a momentary second. With a metallic clink, the sphere slams into the cold rock floor of the cavern, twitching erratically in place. One shake, two shakes, and then finally, the crimson aura pulsating around the button of the capsule pings off, the dull thud signifying a successful capture.

Fitz has caught a Hardy Male Level 6 Panpour with the ability Gluttony and the Egg Move Hydro Pump!

Before Fitz can even celebrate his newest capture, the younger trainer steps forwards to be heard, illustrating the gesture with a rough grunt. Nodding towards the ball containing Panpour, he addresses Fitz.

"How about you and me have a little match? Happens that I caught something not too dissimilar to your new friend there. He's itching for a fight and wants to prove himself. You win, and I'll acknowledge you. Give you a reward and tell you my name."

Sophia glares at him at the continued aura of haughtiness, but she says nothing, leaving the decision ultimately up to Fitz.
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