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- Come on guys, we should get back. The others are probably waiting.

Levin had taken Brimir and Hebi on a walk around the outskirts of Marble Garden, through the familiar woods where so many adventures had already unfolded - and where miracles such as Opal's evolution had taken place before his eyes. But today, he wasn't in search of a new story to tell; the simple company of his Swinub and Dunsparce was comforting and soothing, owing to their distinctly peaceful personalities, and he needed some of that right now - peace.

But it was almost noon, and the rest of the crew were probably waiting on them. They'd all been training particularly hard during the last month, at the expense of exploring the land like they all preferred; but the team knew of Levin's lingering ambition and that, without putting in the work, they'd never be strong enough to surpass the challenges required for their Trainer to achieve the status he craved. Working in almost perfect unison, the entire team came together to train and became stronger than even Levin could have predicted - but with such herculean effort came hunger, and it fell on Levin to fix that; it was only fair.

They're giving it everything they got for me, to see me succeed. I never thought I'd gather so many friends, so many who cared... Despite the colossal prick I've been all these years, I was lucky; not many Pokemon would agree to stay with the kind of guy I was. I changed for them, now I have to repay their efforts.

As they prepared to return home, a familiar growl reached their ears. Looking to the distance, Levin saw a huge black lion dashing towards them, but didn't so much as flinch - that was one of his own. Ryker the Luxray stopped in front of the group, looking terribly distressed, a sight uncharacteristic of the usually serious and aloof predator. He hastily motioned for Levin to jump on his back (even stranger of him to do so!) and turned to the direction of the Treetop Base. Something was very wrong...

Levin recalled both Hebi and Brimir into their Pokeballs and did as Ryker told him. Before he knew it, they were blitzing past trees and low branches at incredible speed, the Luxray nimbly dodging every single obstacle thanks to his perfect vision and innate agility. As they approached home, a dreadful smell filled his nostrils - the scent of something burning.


The sight before his eyes made him go weak and left him speechless. The entire Marble Garden, both the large clearing and the Treetop Base, were a pure battlefield. The wooden house had a huge hole on the side wall from which flames erupted, with Loffley dutifully trying to put them out as quick as he could. Lying on the grass were several of his dear friends who no doubt tried to stop Nylus's progress, while Min and the pacifist Leon tended to their wounds with Softboiled and Heal Pulse respectively. The remaining Pokemon formed a small army that waged war against a massive, common enemy.


The water dragon, jaws fuming while the air around them sizzled with embers, seemed to be in his usual state of blind rage. It headed for the lake, where a helpless Reina cowered in fear. The only real obstacle betweent he Gyarados and the Milotic was the towering Oro, who clashed with Nylus blocking his progress, but struggled heavily to do so. And despite the pain and destruction before him, Levin still struggled to pull himself together and fight back - he was overcome with guilt.

I should never have left without taking his Ball, dammit! Nylus is a constant threat. What was I thinking?!

He'd let his guard down, and the Gyarados had managed to escape his Pokeball in the Saffron-native's absence. Now it fell on him to pick up the pieces and stop the leviathan before more damage was done. And yet something was wrong about all this...

When he evolved, that rampage was a berserker state devoid of reason or purpose - a primal need to destroy. But this time...

He gazed at the path of destruction left behind by Nylus as he went. From the hole on the wall to the Pokemon he'd ran over, and even the way he clashed with Oro - Nylus moved with purpose this time, with a goal... a target.

The Gyarados moves to kill the Milotic. It was bested and humiliated by it. It is moved by one of you favorite feelings.

Zion's metallic voiced ringing in his head was unmistakable. The Metagross was no expert on feelings, but had come a long way since Mazo helped him. The Steel-Type meant it was about pride this time... It was easy to see why Zion would call it was Levin's "favourite" feeling. For years was the proudest egomaniac on the land.

Ryker growled again, snapping him back to reality. He was right - he couldn't stand by and watch things unfold anymore, he had to move.

- Reina isn't safe. She managed to pacify Nylus last time, but she's the victim now - and Nylus isn't rampaging now, he wants simple revenge. There's nothing her powers can do right now, it falls on us to protect her!

He prepared to send Ryker into battle, but hesitated at the last minute.

No. I'll need him later. Besides, there's someone else who wants revenge.

He chose a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it hard over to where Nylus had just toppled Oro with a Fire Blast. The Shiny Steelix collapsed next to the lake, fortunately missing Reina but sending a tremor across the field that almost caused Levin to lose his footing. Just as Nylus prepared to lunge at Reina, the Pokeball snapped open and another obstacle stood in the Gyarados's path.

- It's your chance to avenge Rojo! For both of us, show him how much you've grown Ajax!

Much like Lumi had become stronger in his time off from journeying across Fizzy Bubbles, another of his partners had achieved a new level of power. Fueled by his intense desire to bring justice to his mentor's murderer, Ajax trained harder than anyone during the team's absence and now stood face to face with the culprit bearing a new form. Blood-red tusks emerging from each side of a teeth-filled mouth, crimson eyes locked on their gargantuan target, the roared loudly as if issuing a challenge to the one who took everything away from him.
Nylus stared down the new threat with disdain, remembering nothing of the once-tiny Axew he mauled in his previous rampage.

The Gyarados let loose a wicked flame of pure Dragon Rage that engulfed the Fraxure, but when the fire subsided he stood tall, defiant as ever, prepared to seek retribution! Blades coated in darkness, Ajax jumped forward and hit a vicous Payback, following it up with a powerful X-Scissor that caused Nylus to roar in pain. However, just as he lunged again for a Night Slash on the same spot, the Gyarados caught him with a merciless Dragon Tail so strong, it sent Ajax flying dozens of feet back before crashing into a large tree and passing out from the sudden impact.

- Ajax!!

The Fraxure didn't respond; despite his considerable increase in power, the Fraxure was still no match for what was, essentially, one of the absolute strongest Pokemon on the team. Nylus continued forward, eyes locked on Reina, and was unfazed even by her desperate attempt to Scald him. He arched his head back and prepared to dive in for a murderous Bite, the same attack that claimed Rojo's life... until a sudden sharp pain from out of nowhere caused him to stop and flail about instead!

It took Levin a while to figure it out, but when he spotted the small blue creature digging his way out from beneath Nylus, he understood. Vlad had been lying in wait, as he always did, and took the opening to inject his Toxic right on the Gyarados's underbelly, badly Poisoning him!

That's right... you have a debt of your own, don't you?

He remembered the events of that day and how Vlad was the one to trigger Nylus's evolution after pouncing on him with the intention of eating the then-Magikarp. Ever since that day, the Skorupi grew progressively more restless, and although the Poison-Type lived too much on instinct to realize it, Levin knew Vlad felt guilty.

- Well done Vlad! Don't let up, follow that Toxic with a Venoshock!

It was precisely what the Skorupi wanted to hear. He unleashed a pulse of purple energy that crashed into the vulnerable dragon and exploded violently, causing the Gyarados to bend over in agony and stopping his progress toward Reina altogether!

Having had enough, Nylus suddenly rose and let out a mighty bellow; fueled by pain and growing fury over the repeated obstacles put in his path, the Gyarados let loose all of his Frustration on small scorpion, pummeling him into the ground repeatedly with his tail, with such force and so many times over that when he was done, the Poison-Type laid unconscious at the bottom of a deep crater.

No... not another one! Enough. We end this now!!

He didn't care anymore; Nylus was his Pokemon, but he was also, and above all, a threat. One he intended to deal with, no matter what it took. He had been weakened substantially but Reina was still in danger, and he was still strong enough to destroy or otherwise escape his Pokeball if he tossed it now.
Reaching over to a Pokeball and Cyber Ball simultaneously, he summoned two more partners to the fray; Haou the Medicham and Zion the Metagross rushed to stand directly in front of Reina; Levin was going to go all out.

- Haou, Zion, bind him as hard as you can in your Psychic grip!

He jumped off Ryker's back and called out one more partner, Lumi the Flaaffy, who looked at him in obvious confusion before quickly realizing the severity of the situation.

- Come on guys, it's now or never. We have to knock Nylus out now, we can't fail!

Nodding simultaneously, the rogue lion and friendly sheep dashed together to stand by Haou and Zion. The Metagross and Medicham focused and took on a faint blue glow, which soon enveloped Nylus as well. At first it seemed to do nothing, but at peak concentration Haou and Zion were finally able to restrict the Gyarados's furious movements, although not bind him completely, such was his immense physical strength. But when Vlad's poison became strong enough to further debilitate the water dragon, his flailing slowed down enough to be contained by the two Psychics, and that was the opening - Ryker and Lumi looked at each other, nodded decisively and unleashed two simultaneous Thunders, creating a pillar of lightning that engulfed Nylus! And when the dust settled, the Gyarados panted heavily, bound completely in the Psychic hold, and his body finally gave out, going limp.

This is it!!

Levin immediately tossed Nylus's Pokeball at the fainted behemoth; the device snapped open and drew the creature inside, successfully locking afterwards and trapping him within! For now...

- It's done... we did it. Reina, are you alright?!

The Saffron-native dashed over to the still-frightened Milotic, held her in his arms and comforted her. They'd managed to avoid the worst this time, but for how long?...
A tug at his leg made him look down; Min gazed at him with concern and deep sadness in her eyes. They'd been together almost a lifetime and words were of little use here - Levin knew what the Cinccino was thinking, and found himself agreeing with her, despite how painful it felt.

- I know... it's not safe for her anymore. Not here, not with us...

He could easily dispose of Nylus, trade him over, release him somewhere. But he couldn't bring himself to do any of those - imposing the deadly creature on some other unsuspecting Trainer would be criminal, as would be returning such a demon into the wild - especially when he was responsible for bringing it into this world. Not only that - taming Nylus was a matter of pride, something he promised himself he'd do ever since Rojo died. Perhaps Zion was right in that regard, pride was often the driving force in his life. So no, getting rid of Nylus wasn't an option... but as long as Reina remained close by, she'd never be safe, and Nylus would never rest. Only one option remained, and judging by the way the Milotic now looked at him, it seemed the Water-Type had already reached that same conclusion before he did...

- I'm sorry dear. I really am... but think of the opportunities it'll bring. You can live peacefully again, you can pursue your true passion of performing, you can enjoy life the way you should! Leave Nylus to me. I promise I'll tame him one day, and when I do, I hope... I hope you come visit...

The last words hurt the most. He recalled Reina into her Premier Ball and looked back at the destruction that his irresponsibility had brought about.

I'll make things right. No matter what it costs, or how long it takes... I'll never, ever be weak or careless again! Not as long as they're depending on me...

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