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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
If we're gonna do something like that, it really should be more like "if they both strike AND dodge, extra energy is used", though frankly having these moves at fixed energy even with a strike added in isn't that broken since the extra damage is often pretty negligible.
No it really is not okay. Dodge and strike moves are used in offensive playstyles as risk-free, super efficient (they are almost always more efficient than Agility in the same context), momentum swinging moves. These moves are not as useful in a defensive playstyle because the extra damage is not needed and they cost more energy. I don't feel this is okay. I really think that dodge and strike moves shouldn't often result in perfect dodges. Most of the time, it should be partial dodges. I know Connor and Charm don't agree with me on this, but none of the dodge and strike moves should be better than Agility on the dodging front.
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