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Round 7: Clash of the 80% damage modifiers!

Both Pokemon square each other off in the Deep Darkness, although its not quite that dark to be honest, and the round starts off in earnest as the Aegislash comes out of Shield Forme, charging at his opponent with his sword. The sword is becoming filled up with a sort of dull orange color, the color I associated with Fighting energy and for some reason the anime does not. Forretress is not willing to just take the hit lightly however, and covers its body with a light metallic gray colored energy, which I associate with Steel energy and is one of the things that the anime actually does right. He charges forwards, ready to slam into the Aegislash. The two attacks connect and there is a massive explosion and the hard bodies of each Pokemon cause them to ricochet back a little bit, but it still seems like both attacks hit their mark, the Forretress feeling a little confused by the fact that he took seemingly more damage than he should have while the Aegislash is still reeling from the somewhat dramatic weight difference.

Aegislash decided to keep things on the special end from here on out, and charges up a ball of Steel energy in front of it, a move that I'm pretty sure I've never reffed before and definitely not one I've reffed this match. Seeing the attack coming, Forretress begins to concentrate steel energy into its extremities, which would be I guess the top and bottom of its shell and the little turrets all around it, ready to respond to the move with one of his own. The Forretress starts to spin around really fast as a deafening blast comes out of the Aegislash, as a beam of steel energy shoots out like a cannon ball. The Forretress immediately takes to plowing through it, the steel coat of energy acting like an additional buffer to the attack. The Forretress slams into the Aegislash for a good bit of damage while the Aegislash backs off a bit as the round closes.

Condition: Both Pokemon have taken damage, with the Aegislash coming up on the second third while the Forretress is looking at the final. Both Pokemon will be okay for two although Forry is beginning to tire somewhat.

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