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So I don't know how you and Dave organise ref tests these days but I was more thinking that once you've made sure they know what they're doing you can just let people get on with testing without needing to have several people weigh in on each test. Like keep a google doc of who needs sending a test and whose test needs grading. Whenever one of you gets a chance, grab a couple and do em. No need for a group powwow over every test, one person can do a test. Dave and I put our heads together initially purely because we were both new at testing.

On the evals front, there were four of us doing the last one and we did fine. I don't see five or six being a big issue (which is how many A grades and ref LOs we're ever likely to have at one time). Google docs removes the issue of having to co-ordinate a time where everyone can sit down together.
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