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No I can't, but as long as they're consistent it can't make anything worse can it? The main qualification for being a ref tester is pretty much "hey who knows reffing", which non-LO A grades do. This isn't attacking you and Dave at all. I'm just saying that there's no real way adding a couple of testers could slow things down or otherwise break it, and by a similar argument to ref caps it reduces the impact of one tester being unavailable for whatever reason. *Shrug*. Trust me as someone who's been a much slower ref tester than either of you I am not judging you guys!


Eh not really. I mean there are always going to be substantially more B's and C's than A's and D's and 5 A grades out of what, 30 active refs is a decent proportion. This wasn't an "OMG must make a massive drive for much faster testing" more just a "hey A grades have all the qualifications we look for in ref testers, letting them do it as well can't hurt anything and makes the occasional absence of one tester or another less of a big deal".
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