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So I spitballed some ideas yesterday and have now actually read through the thread and slept on it. Proposals ahoy! The general thrust of it is that reffing should be treated more like battling - currently battlers have all the power (to DQ, replace refs, challenge reffings etc) and all the incentives (new TL for more pokemon access and ability to do legend matches, going for GL, etc). We don't have much issue with battler motivation, so bring reffing more into line with battling and we can fix a lot of this issue.
  • A challenge system like tennis. Each battler gets 1 challenge to a reffing for a 1 or 2 mon match, two for a three or four mon match and three for a five or six mon match. Passive-aggressive comments like "oh I thought X would do Y. *Orders*" count as a challenge. This normalises that hey, occasionally refs get stuff wrong and that's ok and we have a system for dealing with it while also seriously curbing how often refs get challenged. The amount of times and manner in which people challenge reffings is probably the single biggest disincentive right now.
  • Let refs walk away with their SP if the battlers are slow. Stricter DQ times mitigated by a Bowl-style exception system (miss the DQ time by X amount Y times per match is ok), let refs walk away if people miss this. Battlers can replace slow refs, let refs replace slow reffing slots. On a related note we should be willing to fire slow GLs to stop inactive GLs occupying gyms that active trainers could be striving for.
  • Reduce the entry barrier for refs by wriitng a Reffing 101. Consult with fairly new refs (6 months to a year) on things they wish they'd known starting out. Get some of our better non-LO refs to help write it so it actually happens.
  • Coaching. Explicitly invite say half a dozen of the better non-LO refs to do ref coaching, that thread was a great idea but the execution was eh.
  • More frequent evaluations. People put in effort to battling quick when they smell a new TL and the same is often true around evals time for better grades. A grade refs are perfectly capable of helping run the evals, which makes it easier to make them actually happen.
  • Similarly A grades are probably capable of doing ref tests if supervised initially. Ref school can be slow as balls, this speeds it up.
  • Letting A grades ref GMs was a great idea and we need more of the same. Make sure to spread legend matches and contest judging out to our better refs. Not only does this provide an analogous incentive to battlers striving for GL and badges, it also makes contests and legend matches more likely to move by not relying on LOs who already have a lot of other stuff on their plates. Have a separate ref queue for extraordinary stuff (contest judging/reffing, legend matches, etc) that only B grades and higher can take from (GMs are super complicated and should stay at A grade only, which also helps differentiate B and A).

Feedback welcomed!
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