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Like Concept said there are a few things we can do to teach new refs but we will likely have to try a few different things to see exactly what will work. In wild future we have the coaching ting and i feel like something like that would work. We can have a slightly easier initial test, then have something like the actual test where the new ref has to ref a few rounds, but some from one battle instead many different battles so they can learn how to keep track or things like health, energy, boosts, and fatigue, and the coach or whatever will be available to answer all questions no matter how obvious. It would be a bit of a process and might bottleneck a little but it will improve a lot of experiences for both the refs and the battlers they ref for. then when the coach feels like the new ref can do things on their own they give the actual test that is like our own and we grade then. Also having more resources to read for refs behind the scenes like how to keep track of energy and health and boosts and make that a section on the site. There might be kinks that need to be worked out but that is a good place to start with i think.
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