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Largely, yes. Our members need to put in the work. They also need to have community leaders like GLs and veterans that aren't dropping the ball, but yes you are right.


This is not an attack on any particular LO:

Spoiler: show
Aside from on the foundational procedures like sigs and ref tests, and that's questionable, not everyone respects or listens to the LOs. They don't do a great job collectively.

That's not entirely the fault of the LOs. People have jobs, people have education, people don't want to make hard decisions about something they came in to for fun and don't get paid for. Fine. ASBers are largely teenagers on the internet with all the baggage that comes with that. Fine.

But, before today, when Jeri made a minor intervention on a side topic, the last LO to post in Move Rewrites was you, a week and a half ago. In the mean time we've had heated discussions on several move rewrites, a few bitching sessions on Skype, and I know for a fact that multiple LOs have been around to step in. They could have released all of the pressure quickly and calmly without telling anyone off. It's even longer for S/I. That's pretty damning.

One LO recently told me that they had killed off notifications on the main Skype chat. A minor thing, but not really ok, given what we're talking about here. How many LOs frequently look in to battle threads or TO and subsequently send someone a quiet PM asking them not to be so abrasive, or to be more respectful, or ref more/better? How many LOs ref their fair share, post in both TOs trying to make sure conversations are positive and pleasant, or post in the LO subforum raising a disciplinary issue that needs to be dealt with? How many LOs even look in to this subforum, given the total lack of posts from several of them? I'd wager the answer to these rhetoricals is a little embarrassing considering how many LOs we have. Maybe I'm wrong on that score. But I'm doubtful.

The point of this little aside being that we would probably listen to you if we thought you were relevant. But, we don't, because we've gotten used to you not doing much on discipline or culture. There's no bite there. There's less of a sense that concerns are listened to than there used to be. There's very little mod activity where there probably should be. Most of ASB has been fixed and alright fine a lot of rewrites are hashed out in Skype, so that's natural and in some ways a good thing, but if we don't think you guys are going to take any real action to lead the way and don't think there's a tangible drawback to crossing you, we won't care about your efforts. It took a huge build up of pressure and bullying of an infamous member to take the eventually questionable decision to ban them. It's now a running joke that they just created an alt account and continued playing, but it's also a running joke that the LOs will never do anything about it or the other alts people know about.

This is not an attack on any LO, it's just the facts of that aspect of the problem as I see them. The LOs have limited power on this issue, but they actively seek to weaken themselves in the ways outlined above, which isn't helpful.
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