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Ref caps should be maintained. You can stretch them up a bit certainly, and there should very much be be minimum caps for A grades, but if you kill them off you will inevitably see ref burnout once again. It happens every single time and everybody who has been here long enough knows that even if they pretend otherwise. Moreover, if more people can soak up all the choice matches, fewer people have the chance to ref the matches they want. Killing off ref caps of will lead directly to there being fewer refs.

Disrespect between members is less important than bullying. But it's much more prevalent. The two are clearly related and have some overlap, as well as being related to ref problems. But disrespect requires a conscious drive from all of us, as well as some actual effort from the LOs. I don't know if we have it in us. Emi literally calling "idiocy" in the same breath as calling for more respect is a perfect example of this. I think Emi is a good enough person to stop using a particular insult if another person asked them not to, just as most people would stop making jokes about rape if someone made it clear that it had an effect on them, but when it was stated that there was a bad feeling about all the child molestation jokes made in TO several people immediately started doing them again. Mozz should have been banned on the spot for his actions, but we don't have LOs that will do that and we don't have a culture that really cares.

Are we going to move to a situation where trainers are respectful to each other and don't bitch about each other on Skype? Are we going to move to a situation where people either ref weekly, without fail, or apologise to the battlers and actively secure them another ref immediately? Are we going to see people actually post orders within DQ time every time and not act affronted when called out for being on Skype or complaining about being bored in TO? Are you, reading this, going to do that? Are you LOs reading this going to actually do anything about it, really, a week from now when we've stopped talking about this issue?


I don't think it will happen. But I'll actively participate in any efforts to make it happen.
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