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I don't think anyone has a problem with questions of that kind. The problem comes when battlers try to go behind their referees back. Links wouldn't be absolutely mandatory in S/I or Q/A because that's not realistic and nobody should be telling themselves it is.

Alright so some suggestions which have come from the questionnaire.

- Remove Referee cap. Suggested that problem is more our good referees being limited on slots than anything else.
- Factor in reliability for the speed grades. This will require more frequent evaluations again, but is something worthwhile.
- Reshuffle bonuses to work within match ups. So if you referee the first match up within the 48 hours, but the next within a week, you get 2 SP for the first and 1.25 for the second.
- Following that, introduce a new checkpoint. x2 bonus for 48, x1.75 for 96 hours, x1.5 weekly, x1.25 fortnightly, and beyond that just a solid flat x1. (Personally feel this somewhat devalues x2).
- Using new checkpoints, refreshing bonus only knocks you up two stages. Limited to 1 for 2 vs. 2, 2 for 4 vs. 4, 3 for 6 vs. 6
- Fifth battle slot remaining open for those who referee 5 matches minimum? That way if they use all their standard slots they are at least refereeing the same number of matches that they are participating in.
- Create a separate thread for in battle questions? I feel this could possibly lead to the same negative feeling spilling out but if we are mature about it and lay down regulating rules then it could work.

With regards to teaching new referees, what do you propose? On one hand I see the value of such a system but on the other hand bottle necking the number of new referees we have by spending ages teaching them (and bluntly, you will never learn enough to be able to tackle every single question without experience) is probably not sustainable. It's also questionable how to make a system like that work. Do we just give them more reading material? Hands on teaching? If so, who would teach? B grades and above?

With regards to punishment, how do we make it work without making people feel they are being targeted? If we're all to be honest here, there is a culture of disrespect but also a culture of bullying. Should we also punish members who are constantly whaling on members? I don't mean to me, everyone knows that's in jest, but it has to be said that it sets something of a precedent. If we're going to crack down on disrespect to referees I feel it is an pointless undertaking if we're not also going to balance that by cracking down on general member disrespect. Before I get anyone shouting out against this, you know who I mean and you know it is a problem.
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