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Originally Posted by rotomotorz View Post
Just a minor gripe with Snorby's thing:

I am probably not the only one who puts context-less questions in Q/A or S/I because I had something that popped in my head and wanted an answer (see: Rotom sizes). Obviously no one wants poeple slipping in ref test answers but I think that requiring link will make a few problems
Not every post in S/I would need a link- just ones about ongoing matches. So if you want to ask about Rotom sizes you just go to S/I and ask about Rotom sizes.

Besides, generally it's not at all hard to tell whether or not something is related to a specific match and more context might be useful. If you're being asked how big a Rotom-Cut should be, you can answer that flat out. If you're being asked if Rotom-Cut is sufficiently smaller than Excadrill that it could be successfully paralyzed by Body Slam, for example, that is almost certainly a battle related question that needs a link.

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