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That actually alleviated some of my other concerns on the subject as well so very good, that's fair

Anyhow, it should also be made clear that you don't necessarily have to be a Cibbir-grade novelist all of the time (if you want to be, more power to you). I know the feeling, it's a common occurrence I role plays when someone is just that much better with it than you are, it makes one feel like they need more than they feel they can provide. I'm not saying that ALCAPS should be a frequent thing (back in my day I tried to limit it to once per match myself, and only if my bonus was in jeopardy and the results of the round could be reasonably foreseen by the battlers (ie something that was in critical gets KOd, which happened in like Spark vs Cele I think. Had to do with a Teddiursa)), but it should not seem like one's work is inadequate if they're putting honest effort in. I'm not telling the novelists to tone it down but we should be reassuring and try to repel that inferiority complex.
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