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Originally Posted by Myles Fowl II View Post
A big issue I don't think I've seen touched: disappearing battlers. Let's say I'm reffing Abbot versus Costello, and both suddenly go AWOL without a TA. The match was in the final matchup. Without either battler, the match cannot be concluded by DQ. Do rules exist that would allow a ref to get credit for what's been done so far after a given amount of time? If they exist, are they well known? Something to consider.
As it currently stands all cancellations of a match require the consent of at least one of the battlers. That said, if the ref wants to drop the match and wait until a new ref is found before eventually claiming the SP potentially years down the line, that is an option. A terrible option, but an option. I completely agree that we should have some sort of double DQ rule as instituted by the Ref and approved by an LO in the same manner as the rule we currently have about disappearing refs and cancelling a match that has gone more than 5 rounds.


The issue I find with this is that it's entirely possible for KOs to just rotate around obnoxiously and for them to somehow eventually claim more KOs than the winner got in the event of a DQ or whathaveyou. That said, I think that if we do something where the ref gets the SP after a 'mon on EACH SIDE is KO'd it might work. I mean, not the best fix for the situation, but it theoretically could work.
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