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I think the current grading system is fine as is, as I highly doubt that the addition of slots to people who are minus grade will help at all, unless of course we're rehauling the system entirely and giving more rewards to higher grades. Even then I'm a bit skeptical of whether or not this would provide the motivation necessary.

The weekly bonus idea could work out, but then again a lot of the higher speed grade refs are characterized by usually staying within the two day bonus, so it would really only serve as a motivator for some of those with a neutral grade. Scaling up the two day bonus for either neutral and plus or just plus grades could also potentially be a motivator to obtain and maintain a higher grade speed.

The last suggestion is quite nice in and of itself, but while it'll probably increase the amount of longer matches posted and a higher percentage of longer matches being reffed, it likely will do little to help with the motivation problem. People will take the longer matches, and then still maintain the regular speed that they are accustomed to, so the matches will still take months to over a year, but it'll just be an additional present for whatever ref at the end. I feel this will just lead to refs taking longer matches over shorter ones, and not really changing the amount they ref or how frequently they do so.

I'll toss a couple suggestions through the questionnaire once I think of any, but right now I'm not sure if I see any of these three really helping solve the problem. They would definitely push people like myself (who already have plenty of matches and ref at a good speed) to try to maintain doing what we do, but I don't really see it helping the people ref few matches or ref quite slowly into doing more than they do.
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