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Sunflora Referee Motivation: The Big Question

So, we all know it's there. We might not want to acknowledge it now and then, and the efforts of the few are masking the problem, but it exists. It's not ideal, it doesn't create the best flow for ASB. So wherein lies the problem?

That's what we want you guys to tell us. I hold my hands up, I'm one of the worst overseers for a project like this. I'm willing to listen though. Tell me what you think is the problem here with referee motivation. I want to fix the system and get everyone back into the fold, because a refereeing ASB is a happy ASB.

It also has been brought to my attention that this is a problem which will need some fresh insight. With that in mind, so as to ensure that the voices of those newer to us don't go unheard amidst the throng of more veteran voices, this time round I want you all to answer a simple little questionnaire for me, even if you post in the thread itself. No suggestion will go overlooked, and I'll periodically drop in what I feel are some worthwhile solutions into the thread to help jive along discussion.

With that said, the initial Skype session which inspired this thread came up with the following points for discussion, along with the proposition for the anonymous form.
  • Rework the Referee Grades system so that - becomes the baseline standard for the speed grades. Remove the punishments associated with it, but do not allow for rewards. Scale up from there.
  • Shift the Weekly Bonus to x1.5 SP for those referees who are at neutral or above speed grades.
  • Set the base SP earnings to x1.5X, where X is number of Pokemon in X vs. X, for matches of 4 vs. 4 and higher. This omits the expected leveling stipulations so as to avoid RF abuse (2vs. 2 Singles, 3 vs. 3 Doubles).
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