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Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
For certain more complex arenas, it really isn't that simple. Not everything is lawn or rock arena. If Shifting Stadium shifts to Pool With Pontoons and you're facing a Water-Type, for example, Magic Room would definitely be beneficial to stop them from hiding in the water. Similarly, if you're facing an electric type in a concrete arena, Magic Room would allow you to attack it with moves like Earthquake that normal can't be sent through the ground in a concrete arena.

There definitely are uses for it outside of the gym situations where it's broken.

As for dodge-and-strike moves, if we make them cost two moves there's literally no reason to use them over say, ST Agility and any given better attack. It ruins the whole usefulness of the move. Why use Dig when you could just ST Agillity to dodge and hit them with, say, Mega Punch that does more damage if both options cost you two moves? I suppose it would be energy efficient, but honestly when you consider the fact that a lot of scenarios will leave you with getting partially hit by the attack you're dodging when you use dig more often than not you'd just be better off using Protect or something.
Yeah some arenas are much more complex than the others, like the Shifting Stadium, but again, both the battler know very well before hand how the stadium works, and pretty sure you can cover all the different environments with 6 pokemon slots. As I said before, if any battler has a problem with the arena, they don't have to accept the challenge or can ask the referee to pick a different one, no one is forcing them to fight on that particular arena unlike a gym or a legendary match, these matches are consensual.
I disagree that you need magic room to beat a water type in water environment, it doesn't give you a advantage anyway, it just puts the opponent at a huge handicap. Let us imagine that magic room has become a prevalent strategy in pasbl, and I have a magic room user in lets say mime jr. out, it is the water field with pontoons. You have let us say a remoraid, a numel and a buneary. Which pokemon will you send out? Will you risk using remoraid and me casting magic room and making it useless? This is why I feel magic room is unhealthy.
Arenas are one of the best thing about asb. It really adds to the role playing aspect. If someone does not like them, they can use lawn arena like me. Magic room just takes out the fun and creativity. While we are at it, might as well make wonder room neutralize the types of pokemon and their attack on the field, making them typeless and removing all the weakness and resistance bullshit.
As for your second example regarding concrete arena and electric types, this one of the very few times when magic guard is actually useful. But IMO the problem here is with electric types and them having only one weakness which can be nullified with arena, and they don't have horrible defenses holding them back like in competitive battling. Imagine how broken normal types will be if you make a Gandhi Arena where "lol no fighting type moves".

In regards to dodging and striking moves, yes they will not be as useful as they are now if they are counted as two moves, but their energy cost can be dropped so that they cost lesser energy than ST agility + attack or protect + attack. It can also be added in their description if they are counted as two moves in one, that they one cause the exhaustion of using only one moves. It will work really well with something like toxic stalling as you don't use much energy and does not cause much exhaustion. They will also be useful in those rounds that your pokemon really needs a breather in.
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