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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
I feel introducing the multiple magic moves in ASB has done a lot more to kill diversity and the impact of arenas than Magic Room could ever do.
I'm sorry what? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Magic Room is much of a problem outside of gyms, but there's what? Three Magic moves? Magic!Rock Slide, which is exclusive to Rock Types, Magic!Rock Climb, which is still more or less arena dependent, just dependent on a different aspect of the arena than regular Rock Climb is, and Magic!Surf, which is pretty much the only way for water-based mon to move outside of water. The first one allows an already garbage type to use one of its most solid STAB moves, the second is still arena dependent, and the third is desperately needed to make water types that already are shitty on land not literal sitting ducks whenever they get psychucked out of the pool in Pummelo. I mean I guess you could call land-based Waterfall a magic move but honestly Aqua Jet always has and always will work the exact same way so it's kind of silly to.

Unless there's a magic move or two I'm just forgetting about that actually does mess with the impact of arenas in an egregious manner?

Originally Posted by TalkSick View Post
For certain more complex arenas, it really isn't that simple. Not everything is lawn or rock arena. If Shifting Stadium shifts to Pool With Pontoons and you're facing a Water-Type, for example, Magic Room would definitely be beneficial to stop them from hiding in the water. Similarly, if you're facing an electric type in a concrete arena, Magic Room would allow you to attack it with moves like Earthquake that normal can't be sent through the ground in a concrete arena.

There definitely are uses for it outside of the gym situations where it's broken.

As for dodge-and-strike moves, if we make them cost two moves there's literally no reason to use them over say, ST Agility and any given better attack. It ruins the whole usefulness of the move. Why use Dig when you could just ST Agillity to dodge and hit them with, say, Mega Punch that does more damage if both options cost you two moves? I suppose it would be energy efficient, but honestly when you consider the fact that a lot of scenarios will leave you with getting partially hit by the attack you're dodging when you use dig more often than not you'd just be better off using Protect or something.

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