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Why should you even wanna use magic room outside of a gym battle or a tourny match?
In any normal match, as I have seen, the challenger either states the arena or lets acceptor or referee choose it.

Let us look at the different scenarios for both the challenger and acceptor:

As a challenger:
1. You as the challenger choose the arena for the match. In this situation, there is no reason to use magic room, you yourself chose the arena.
2. You let the acceptor choose the arena. In this case, if you use magic room, you are just being a bad sport, either you should have chosen the arena yourself, it is you who let the acceptor choose so deal with it.
3. Referee chooses the arena. Well the referee is not going to choose an arena that is biased towards one player's squad, if he does, you can just kindly ask him to select a different one. Anyway both the players get to look at the arena before posting their six.

As the Acceptor:
1. The challenger has already decided on the arena. In this case, you know very well where the match will take place if you accept the challenge. There is no reason to use magic room, cause you know, no one forced you into the match, you accepted the challenge, don't be a bad sport.
2. You choose the arena. In this case, why the hell would you wanna magic room your own choice?
3. Referee chooses the setting for the battle. Same as point 3 for the challenger.

As for dodge and strike moves taking only one move, I think it should count as two moves because it is two extreme actions in one. For example in case of dive, the user swims all the way to the bottom of the water body to dodge the attack, then comes all the way back up to hit the opponent. There is a reason moves like these take two turns in game.

As for my previous post, nevermind it, just saw the kind of shitty distribution magic room has. Thought it would have a distribution similar to trick room.
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