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The two stare each other down, giving weak, breathy battle calls. One way or another, this battle ends right here, right now. Warrior pants lightly, his natural resistance to tiring stopping himself from being too exhausted. Meanwhile, Nico, who by rights should be rather peppy, is panting rather heavily after that incredibly exerting Thunder attack last round. After another moment of staredown...
Spoiler: show
Warrior finds it in himself to spring into action, fist glowing with fighting energy. Before Nico can react, Warrior has planned his fist between Nico's eyes. The Luxray's pained shrieks are drowned out by the ensuing explosion, and both are thrown backward. Warrior lands neatly on his feet, ready for more, while Nico, shaky and furious, scrambles to his feet and begins to glow yellow with electric energy. Stamping his foot on the ground with a mighty roar, he lances a powerful bolt of electric energy toward Warrior, who takes the attack full force with a bloodcurdling wail of pain. Warrior falls to one knee, and Nico looks shaky on his feet. The two are hanging on by threads, and it's still anyone's game, even during the last moments of the matchup...

Spoiler: show
After an instant that seems like an eternity, Warrior's eyes begin to glow a faint blue in color. A thin, blue stream of energy shoots out from Warrior, just as Nico begins to create stars of energy for Swift. The energy, reaching Nico before he can fire his attack, appears to enter his mind through his eyes, which now glow an eerie blue similar to Warrior's. Nothing happens. After a moment, however, the stars surrounding Nico dissipate into shimmering golden energy, and Nico's expression dulls. He slumps forward, the mental assault having been too much for him, as the blue hue fades from Warrior's triumphant eyes.

Nico is unable to battle! Next Pokemon and orders from Luka!

Warrior is in desperate need of a break and so weak that a stiff wind would end the next matchup.

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