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Round 6: It's only been a week, this is good for me!

Ninjask is looking to be pretty tired, and this gives Cannon the advantage as the round begins. Concentrating his Grass energy, he sends out a lot of tendrils of green energy towards Ninjask, which quickly close the distance between the two and wrap around the Ninjask, draining away a lot of its energy. While the move doesn't do any damage, that doesn't really matter, since without type charts in play the Ninjask suddenly finds himself having gotten a bigger energy debt that before. Did I mention I really like Giga Drain? I think I should. Now I have. Anyways, the Ninjask is looking to be a little more tired than before, but he still launches himself forward, covered in Bug energy, while Cannon charges up a beam of energy in front of him. The Ninjask just barely manages to hit his opponent before zooming into his Pokeball, replacing himself with Starman, an Aegislash. The Aegislash looks around before its suddenly slammed with a Flash Cannon, taking a bit of damage as it looks angrily at the Forretress, the round ending on that note.

Buzz Buzz lost more energy this round, now getting into the final third on that front, while Forry didn't lose much at all. Forry is only a little into the second third while Aegislash is still raring to go. This should even up the match-up!

Fuck these crabs
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