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With the two in relatively close quarters, Warrior lumbers forward fist charged with fighting energy, and thrusts his fist forward for a powerful haymaker- just as Nico begins to leap away, allowing the lynx to escape with little other than a glancing blow to the flank. Nico then zips back around, u-turning to run full force into Warrior, plowing through the screen before Warrior can even think to reverse the blow. Nico, growling, lets out a howl as his body crackles with electricity, and a jagged bolt of energy flies from within him, searing Warrior for a painful blow. Warrior reels from the blow, and the pair both appear to be lightly panting- the duel is drawing to a close.

Nico destroyed Warrior's lead, with the pair being neck-in-neck just outside critical ranges. Warrior is a bit tired, but could go for two thanks to his Fighting SC if needed- meanwhile, Nico is good for two but facing short-term exhaustion from Thunder.

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