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Nico, giving a low growl to his stoic adversary, begins to glow with an electric charge. Warrior, acting fast, puts out his arms and erects a screen of energy to block special attacks, just as Nico lances the bolt of electric energy he was charging forward. The bolt crashes against the screen, leaving notable cracks, but it does not break the screen. Nico, annoyed, bounds forward, teeth bared and crackling with electricity. However, Warrior is prepared for this attack as well and shifts his pane of energy out of harm's way in order to charge up Fighting energy in his arm. Nico, unaware, leaps forward, ready to chomp down, but Warrior quickly dishes out a quick uppercut to Nico's jaw, causing the lynx's maw to snap shut. Nico staggers backward from the blow, but soon recovers. Warrior's Light Screen shifts down in front of him once again, and the pair look ready for more.

Warrior avoided damage this round, but is good for two. Nico dipped deeper into the final third of health, but remains good for two as well.

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