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Round 5: I am a shit

Let's face it, the bonuses were never going to keep me in the game for long. But I was on vacation and there is the Kancolle event and all that. Anyways, in an attempt at what seems to be a concerted effort to make me cry sad, sad tears, both trainers order their Pokemon to go on the offensive once again. The Ninjask starts off by rubbing his wings together, creating a loud and irritating sound that reverberates through the arena, causing the Forretress to flinch briefly before he primes up his own attack. Poisonous energy fills his body as he quickly makes a toxic concoction that's not meant to inflict an ailment itself, but magnify the toxins already in one's body. It's kind of like an enzyme I guess, useless by itself but give it what its meant to alter and oh boy. The two attacks fire off at nearly the exact same time, the Venoshock shooting off a little earlier although it doesn't make too much of a difference, and they both pass through each other harmlessly; the green liquid moving through the orange rings of energy like they weren't in the same existence. The poison hit the Ninjask and its body flashes green as it groans in pain from the attack, the toxins in its body really ravaging its system, while the energy from the Bug Buzz strike the Forretress, causing it to groan as well, although as usual the energy is buffered by its constant defense boost. Why the hell did we give Forretress this SC?

After the two Pokemon back off a little from each other, the round starts again, with both Pokemon ready to strike the other. Ninjask gathers energy around itself, getting ready to launch an attack at its opponent by coating itself with a pink aura of energy, laced with various energies and powders that might give Forry a bad cause of status...well it might it is a 10% chance. Forry sees this coming and charges up a beam of energy in front of it, ready to shoot the Ninjask out of the sky with its own attack. The two Pokemon fire off their attacks, although Cannon gets his off notably sooner. The Flash Cannon races forwards as Ninjask tries to get out of the way of the attack, and isn't very successful. The two attacks collides and because of the Ninjask's tiredness, its knocked out of the air, spiraling down and only getting a slight hit on the Forretress.

Also because I'm a double shit, I've been forgetting Toxic. Woo!

Both Pokemon have taken damage, although Ninjask more so, falling into the second third. Ninjask now really wants a break, while Forry is still good for two.

Fuck these crabs
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