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As Shiro tapped the Pokeball onto the Hoppip, who seemed more than eager to join the team, a red light flashed, encapsulating the Pokemon within the red-and-white spherical ball. The Pokeball began to blink a few times, before climaxing to a relieving "ding!", signifying the success of the capture.

Congratulations! You have caught a Jolly, Level 5 Hoppip!

"Congrats Shiro," Shuuichi said as he took out his Pokedex, scanning the Pink Grass type Pokemon. "That Hoppip of yours also knows Seed Bomb apparently, isn't that great? Anyway, I think we should get going. It's pretty lucky how we're saved from having to continue trekking through the mud. You have a quest in Violet City, right? I suppose it's about that charm you had been looking for?"

"Also, do you have any plans when you get to Violet City? I suppose you're going to submit the charm to someone... whoever and wherever he is. I'm heading to the Gym first. Why don't you drop by the Violet City Gym for some training? It specialises in Flying types so I think it might be of help to Hoppip. Or are you moving to another city first?"
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