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okay, so almost everypony who's interacted with me the past week or so knows I've been on a pretty huge kick on FiM lately. Guesses as to why range from trying to stave off growing instability, to empathically picking up the sweeping emotional hype that is BronyCon in session, to only these past few months really being able to indulge in watching Season 4 (and then later 5) on Netflix in a safe environment and being in a place where I can actually be a brony openly.

I have to say, so far, Season 4 has blown everything else out of the water. I'm eagerly awaiting the tail end of Season 5, and, to be honest, after seeing what a huge improvement Rainbow Rocks is over Equestria Girls, I can say I would like to watch Friendship Games. And the inevitable Bronies React video on it.

I have to say, Bronies React is one of the things I like most about this community. I like a fair bit of the analysis community as a whole, but Bronies React is, due to the way it's set up, fertile grounds for some great differing opinions and perspective shown together.

So, anyway, it's been known who I find best pony. Well-known. But I don't think I've ever given my power rankings, and I know they've gone through some changes:

Mane 6:
Spoiler: show
6: Applejack
5: Twilight Sparkle
4: Rarity
3: Fluttershy
2: Pinkie Pie
1: Rainbow Dash

I won't say I hate any of them, although Applejack does suffer from mostly bad spotlight episodes and being the least interesting member of the Apples. While I dislike the whole alicorn twilight thing, at least the writers have used it (mostly) to be able to drive an actual arc and were able to keep the shilling down a bit, and she does have her moments. Really glad it doesn't seem to be setting up any kind of Celestia 2.0 thing for her. Rarity is quite fun but she just can't budge into the top half

Top 5 songs
Spoiler: show
5: Smile, Smile, Smile (from A Friend In Deed)
It's bright, happy, catchy, and it really does make me beam, beam, beam.

4: A True, True Friend (from Magical Mystery Cure)
One of the best songs from a finale. Especially with time constraints on Season 13 being so tight, it was a good way to keep the pacing they needed to keep while getting plot resolution. Also, Dashie again shows she can clear the sky in ten seconds flat even when she's temporarily lost her destiny. Maybe it could have stood to be expanded a little (maybe at the expense of Celestia's song which, although her singing voice is nice, the song did nothing for me).

3: Goof-Off Song (from Pinkie Pride)
It's a big, goofy mashup of Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich battling to the finish the only way they know how: intense goofing. The gags were great, each dueler stealing back the song, and the timing, was great, and, oh yeah, it's Weird Al polka. One thing that I really loved in Season 4 was how they didn't shy away from different musical styles.

2: This Day Aria (from A Canterlot Wedding)
A wonderfully done song, and, to be honest, until it got dethroned in Season 4, it was really my top. The self-but-not-self duet was pulled off very well, and it had this chilling air to deceptive cadence.

But I have to say what really took the crown for me was:
Spoiler: show
1: Stop The Bats (from Bats!)
It's got this wonderful lyrical blend of light and dark. And the episode's animation shows it, too, with expert use of shadow and light in great sync with the music's flow. It felt like the kind of number I'd hear in a theatrical production. Even if they were mean to Fluttershy. In fact, you see how it works really well when, with the music and shadow, all her friends against her, poor Flutters is petrified. Ominous, catchy, and very expressive.

And then CMC
Spoiler: show
3: Applebloom
2: Scootaloo
1: Sweetie Bot Belle

To be honest, most of the CMC are close. I can relate to Sweetie Belle a lot more, and Scoots made the best choice of mentor. Can't say I dislike any of them, though

Last but not least, the Wall of Shame:
Spoiler: show
The episode Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

Oh, also
Spoiler: show
the confirmation that the Season 4 premier, being that first Summer Sun Celebration since the series started, shattering the enormous (fairly baseless) headcanon that 1 Season = 1 Year? Called it, loved it. Clearly just another ordinary, boring year in the life.

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