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Warrior pushes through the paralysis and lumbers the few steps toward Nico, fist raised and glowing with fighting energy. Nico tries to spring out of the way, but his reaction time is slowed- he's too damn tired. He avoids part of the blow, but Warrior manages a glancing hit off Nico's flank, hitting Nico for the brunt of the damage. Nico manages to avoid confusion, and retaliates by slamming into Warrior, dealing damage and jarring the Medicham out of the rest of the paralysis. Warrior, grinning with delight, lands a strong Kick to Nico's chin, sending the Luxray flying backward into the stony wall of the arena. Nico hits it hard enough to leave a slight crack in the wall. The Luxray slides to the ground, and struggles to his feet, looking battered and angry.

Warrior has made an absolutely minuscule lead for himself, with both Pokemon plunging into their final thirds. Nico will be fresh next round, while Warrior will be good for two.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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