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"Thanks, Officer Damien," she says as the puts her rewards into her bag. "Have a nice night." She heads back out into the warm, salty coastal night air, a jittery feeling welling up insider her as she starts to think about what she can do with her new wealth. I'll admit, I could kinda get used to this. I'll head to the gym tomorrow. Do some shopping and get some training before I decide what to do next. She quickly finds her way back to the Pokemon Center, gets a room for the night, and falls asleep trying to decide what she'll buy the next day.

"Crap, must've been a late night last night," Trace mumbles before yawning, still groggy as she enters the main lobby of the Pokemon Center, finding it's already nearly noon. She grabs an orange from the center's complementary fruit basket and makes a beeline for the gym, fighting through the crowds as she heads north towards the gym. The sticky salt assaults her nostrils as she arrives, able to see the small waves ripple through the bay from the gym's front.

Entering the gym, Trace finds herself in a long, wide corridor, which appears to be some sort of lobby. Throughout the corridor are many doors, each of which leads to a pool or pond of some sort. The dampness of the many watery areas permeates throughout the otherwise dry hall, giving it a sort of musky feeling when it's hot, but otherwise a crisp touch in cooler temperatures. Trace wanders down the path, looking around at the many doors and people. It was obvious who was who. The trainers were evidently not wet, and still had their clothes on, while swimmers were much more at home in the gym. Between the entrance to the main chlorine pools and the entrance to the salt water pools was a large board, completely covered with announcements and requests for help. Most of the trainers were gathered here, or inside a small room built into the corner where the salt water pool entrance was. Inside was a shop, exactly like a standard swimming shop, but from the merchandise that lines the shelves and the clientele, it was clear the store sold goods for trainers. Trace soon finds herself idling by a containing many different, seemingly random objects. The 3D plastic letterings on the wall above it read, "Type-Enhancing Items - 1x Shard." Hmm...sounds like a good deal, especially since it'll last a while.

"Hi, I'll take this Poison Barb," Trace says to the merchant at the counter of the shop, placing a Poison Barb and a single star shard in front of him.

"Ding!" he mimics, dropping the shard into the pocket of the cerulean apron he's wearing, beaming under his thick, brown mustache. "You're all rung up, dearie. Planning to head for Mt. Moon?" the middle-aged man asks.

"Nope," Trace replies, placing the Poison Barb in her bag.

"Well, I can tell you're still pretty new. You kinda get a sixth sense about that when you're in this business," he adds, still fighting with his exuberant cheerfulness despite Trace's brisk response. "You might want to think about heading there once you're Pokemon toughen up a bit. It isn't every day a swarm of rare Pokemon show up nearby."

"Really? I might have to check it out then. Thanks," she tries her best grin, and nods as she turns to head back into the gym, where she releases Damien from his ball, allowing him to ride in her bag. "Here, Dame. I got you something," she says, handing him the Poison Barb. The Skorupi snatches it up, and examines it with passionate curiosity, tapping it and giving it a small bite before gleefully stashing it inside Trace's bag once again. "Right, time to go find somewhere to train," she whispers to Dame and herself as she once more sets out wandering throughout the gym.
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