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Kanto is only boring in the minds of people such as yourself because it was basic. It laid the ground work for Pokemon as a whole. There is hardly any story narrative and what little there is isn't very good, and every city was essentially the same with very slight variations. The most interesting aspects of Kanto were arguably Safari Zone, S.S. Anne, Lavender Tower, Seafoam Islands, Unknown Dungeon, and Silph Co. Everything else was a rehash of everything else due to limited assets and time, and even those that I just listed weren't particularly interesting. In Gen II, Kanto got even worse due to being smaller and having less overall points of interest.

This is why a lot of people call Kanto boring and are left with a bad taste in their mouth over it because they're sick and tired of it, but let me explain why I don't feel you're not being open minded enough:

First imagine Kanto re-done entirely in 3D. The first big notable change would be Mt. Moon. Re-work it into something much more interesting, show the gaping hole in the cave ceiling and interaction with the presumably giant moon stone the Clefairy worship. Imagine Nugget Bridge at a different angle, much larger with Unknown Dungeon/Cerulean Cave in the distance. Imagine getting to Cerulean Cape and seeing Bill's lighthouse and a gorgeous sunrise on the shore in the dawn. How about the S.S. Anne, multiple levels and decks, feeling much more interesting over all and perhaps a new side story added where you are on board as the ship sails out to sea during a terrible storm and Team Rocket attempts to take control of the ship (a la the anime). Again, imagine Saffron City totally revamped from the ground up to be the new "hub city" like Lumiose City, Silph Co. at it's center, a skyscraper looming over the rest.

Now if you can imagine all of these things, imagine what they could do with the rest of the region and game. Cinnabar Island would be completely different and much, much bigger.

Of course, this is GameFreak, so it's likely a lot of my suggestions would not come to fruition, but regardless, this is why I am totally in favor of a Kanto remake, barring they do some serious work to it and overhaul the region in terms of size, story, and things to do.
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