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Nico, seeing his opponent's muscles locked up, snorts and decides to curl up for a nice nap. Warrior stiffly begins making his way toward the snoozing lynx, but finds himself locked up by paralysis. He falls to his knees as his joints lock up, but he resolutely pulls himself together and makes his way toward Nico, trying again. Warrior begins to glow purple, and he shoots out lilac-colored tendrils to assault his sleeping foe, sucking the life out of Nico's dreams to restore Warrior's own energy. Once the technique is complete, Nico jolts awake, understandably annoyed that his nap was disturbed. He retaliates, crackling with electricity, by sending out a slew of weak shocks to assault Warrior. The attack hits its mark, and Warrior is jolted out of most of his paralysis, but not without a toll taken on his health.

Warrior is now approaching his final third of health, but he will be fresh next round, and his paralysis is much less problematic than it was before. Nico, despite his nap, will still be tired going into next round. Health remains unchanged for him.

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