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The Second Set of Guests Arrive! Everyone Always Wants Something...

As Icarus drew closer to the Unfezant, it seemed like she recognized him, and it dawned on him that this was the Tranquill he met back at the park with Mia, and when she asked if he remembered her he answered with a wink: "I've always remembered you in my dreams~" In hindsight, that was rather vague, but he continued, "Oh yeah, Mia? She's probably done with her fly-by meal and should be back any minute now. Wanna go share a roost? We could get to know each other a lil' more while we wait for her~"


Wendy's scare tactic worked like a charm against this silly man in a cowboy hat, even frightening him enough for him to consider battle against her using some purple hippo with a gold conch biting its tail. Aaaaand the stupid Shuppet beside the man had to go and spoil the fun by pointing out that they met her as a Shelgon. She got a little surprise of her own when the man began speaking in the same tongue that the Shuppet did; pretty impressive for a human. At the Shuppet's request to let them pass, Wendy brought a claw to her chin in a fake pondering pose. "I dunno. I might let you through...if you pay the toll." At these last words, the Salamence patted her armored belly, a clear hint at looking for something to eat. She wasn't particularly hungry since she had just this morning driven off a pair of Altaria from their nest and looted the contents left behind, but she also wasn't one to turn down the chance at an offering from whoever crossed her path.


Hyrem was certainly happy that the part of Aislyn that had always wanted his affection hadn't changed, and he quelled her desires by kneeling down so he was at eye level with her before scratching her chin with his right hand, then petting her head with his left hand. Meanwhile, after Bedivere comments on Hyrem's growth, as well as his own, Hyrem replied, "Yeah, you sure have! Congrats on evolving, Bedivere! As for how well I eat...well, I'm usually more worried about my Pokemon's hunger than mine..." he said nervously.

All of a sudden, both the demeanor of Bedivere as well as Aislyn took a peculiar change, and right as Hyrem mentioned their trainer's name. "Um, are you okay?" Hyrem asked them; Laika joined in with a whimper and tilted his head to the side as he too was confused by the abrupt shift in expressions the Jellicent and Ninetales shared. It was then that Bedivere asked Hyrem if they could be allowed inside his base. "Uh, sure," he said slowly, "it might be a little tight for you, Bedivere, but you should still fit through the doorway...are you sure you're okay?" he asked again, walking through the door himself to let the two Pokemon in while Laika waited on the inside for them to enter. He had never seen Aislyn like this before, and he couldn't help but worry that something was wrong. Very wrong.

At that moment, Hyrem caught sight of Wendy right in the middle of the road leading to his base, and it looked like she was blocking someone. "WENDY!" he shouted to his Salamence in a scolding manner. "I told you not to scare everyone off like you're doing! Now out of the way, or you'll be going in your ball for the rest of the day!" Wendy let a slight snarl of annoyance escape her lips, she was just about to get a free handout from the silly man too! But, whenever Hyrem threatened to put her in her Dragon Ball, she knew he meant business, for he had backed up his threat on more than one occasion. So, with reluctance, she turned around and stepped off to the side before sitting down to let Keith and his Pokemon through, but not before throwing a defiant stare at her trainer.

"I swear, that dragon is gonna get me in trouble one day, and I really don't wanna clean up whatever mess she makes," he mutters to himself before he looks up to see that his guest turned out to be Keith, along with Helena and what looked like a strangely colored Slowbro. "Hey Keith, glad you could make it!" Hyrem waved at him. "Is that Dudley? Cool! I've never seen a shiny Slowbro up close! Also hi, Helena!" Nearby, Sarkhan had caught Keith's scent and stood in front of Hyrem, hoping a certain flower girl was brought along for the visit.
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