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Project Stone Edge

A door slowly creaked open, revealing a small, dark office to the person who was tentatively peering inside. "Uh... Um... B-b-boss?" he stammered.

"Come in, come in," came a voice from inside the office. "You have news?" The voice's source could not be seen, though considering the front of the wooden desk which could be seen in the room, one could assume that the source of the voice was seated just behind the desk.

"Yes, sir," nodded the man, slowly making his way inside. "As per your request, I've uncovered as much information about Team Rocket's latest secret plan, which they've codenamed-"

"-Project Stone Edge," finished the voice. "That much I am aware of. Go on."

"Yes, well," the man replied. "See, it seems that in olden times, Moon Stones were said to be able to power up any kind of Pokémon, before it was discovered that they merely caused a select few species of Pokémon to evolve. However, it seems that these old myths about the Moon Stone are the basis for Team Rocket's latest plans."

"Basing a plan entirely on discredited myths?" the voice asked skeptically. "I dunno, that sounds pretty out there, even for those goofballs."

"Well, there's never been any real proof that they're discredited, sir," the man replied fairly. "It's more like, once they discovered its evolutionary properties, they figured that was what they meant and didn't bother to dig any deeper into it. Until now, anyway."

"Indeed," said the voice. "So what exactly did this digging unearth?"

"Something big," the voice replied. "If they can gather enough Moon Stones together, harvest their energy, and concentrate it all into a single rock... they can make a Mist Stone."

"...A Mist Stone?" repeated the voice. "Youse means to tell me that they intend to create a substance only heard of in legend, one which can evolve any Pokémon in existence?"

"Even those said to be fully evolved," nodded the man. "And I'm not talking about Mega Evolution- I'm talking forms that require the power and energy to unlock that only a Mist Stone can provide. I'm talking... Poké Gods. You are, I'm sure, aware of the legends, sir?" he added.

"Indeed I am," confirmed the voice. "And if half of them is true, just one Poké God brought into existence, particularly if it is under the control of Team Rocket, is very, very bad news." And then, the source of the voice walked forward- not around the desk, but over it, for the voice's source was in fact a Numel, clad in a black fedora. "You may go," Vinny said to the man. "I have... personal matters to attend to."


"OK, let's see," Keith said, as he entered the living room of his Secret Base, with Meowth following him. "Who could use some training?"

"How about Neville?" suggested Meowth. "He's been sayin' he wants ta work on dat Bubble attack he learned."

"True, true," nodded Keith. "Of course, you could use some training as well, Meowth," he added, turning to look at the Scratch Cat Pokémon. "You kept saying you wanted to learn Icy Wind, and now that you know it, we should get in some practice."

"Yeah, true," conceded Meowth. "Or wat about Vinny? I ain't seen him battle in a long-"

"Talkin' 'bout me?" came a tough-sounding voice. Keith turned to see Vinny, his Numel, entering the room. "Ordinarily I'd be up fer some training, but I got a bit of urgent news, hat man."

"What about?" asked Keith.

"About Project Stone Edge," Vinny said simply.

Keith's eyes widened. The name rang a bell- the Team Rocket grunts he took on almost a week ago let slip about some project going by that name precisely, but didn't mention much in the way of details. But then, Keith didn't remember mentioning this to Vinny. "How do you-" he began.

"I got my ways," Vinny replied mysteriously. "But that's not important. What is important is, they're planning something huge, and it involves them gathering as many Moon Stones as they can get their grubby paws on."

"Moon Stones?" repeated Keith. "What are they gonna do- evolve a bunch of Clefairy and Nidorino?"

"I wish," said Vinny, shaking his head. "Probably be easier to deal with than Poké Gods."

"Wait- run that by me again?" Keith said, blinking in surprise.

"Youse heard me," nodded Vinny. "Poké Gods. Project Stone Edge is all about harvesting energy from Moon Stones to make a Mist Stone, see?"

"So... that's actually a thing?" Keith asked. "I mean, I've heard of Poké Gods and Mist Stones, true enough, but I always thought they were just rumors... I got it!" he exclaimed suddenly, snapping his fingers. "When I was on vacation at Cinnabar Island when I was seven, Dad bought me a book that had to do with Kanto region folk lore. It's actually what first convinced me that it was a Missingno. that saved my life back then. I took it with me when I left home, it's in the library, c'mon!" he added, racing towards the stairs. Meowth and Vinny raced after Keith, the latter using a carefully controlled Flame Charge to up his Speed for the occasion.

They soon reached the second floor of the Secret Base, and directly across from the staircase, there stood the entrance to Hermione's library- most of the books on the shelves here were for Hermione to peruse, or notebooks containing notes she's taken over the years. However, some of the books were Keith's own, such as the large hardcover volume he extracted from a shelf.

"Here it is," Keith stated, placing the book down on a table. "Kanto Myths and Legends, by Viridian Coffee and Anne Mewtruck." He opened the book and started leafing through the pages. Meowth caught glimpses of various odd illustratins- a gigantic L-shaped creature with purple and orange markings; a Kangaskhan that appeared to be using Sky Attack; and a Clefairy evolving into a Nidoking. And then, Keith came to a page containing an illustration of a pale blue rock that looked transparent, the insides swirling with blue mist.

"Is dat-" Meowth began.

"-The Mist Stone," Keith nodded. He then began to read. "'The Mist Stone is said to be the rarest substance known to man or Mankey. The swirling mist contained within the stone contains nigh-unlimited energy, enough to induce evolution in any Pokémon exposed to it, even those said to be in their final stage of evolution. Unlike the mythology of the Kalos region, however, this evolution of supposedly fully evolved Pokémon is absolutely permanent, and unlocks far greater power. These ultimate forms, known only as Poké Gods, are so named because they are said to be absolutely unbeatable, with powers and abilities far surpassing that of any known Pokémon. Even just one Poké God in the wrong hands, or even in the right hands, could mean the end of civilized life as we know it.' Oh, my Arceus," Keith murmured. "Team Rocket's trying to get one of those Poké Gods? They'll be unstoppable!"

"And if they get enough Moon Stones, they're pretty damn sure they'll be able to do it, too," nodded Vinny. "Which brings me to the other reason why I came to warn youse- Team Rocket's got the technology to seek out Moon Stones with some kinda machines that track down the kind of energy Moon Stones give off. And since youse happens ta have a bit o' that energy in your backpack, well... That don't bode well for us, savvy?"

"Oh, geez," Keith murmured, but before he could do anything else, he saw two men in black uniforms approaching his Secret Base, one of them examining some sort of handheld tracking device. "...Oh, crap," Keith groaned, eyeing the red Rs on their shirts. "OK, looks like we're gonna have to fight them," he sighed, making his way to the stairs.

Meanwhile, the Pawniard standing outside the Secret Base was quick to notice the two highly suspicious newcomers. Flying forward with help from her Magnet Rise move, Ginny held her blades close to the men's throats. "Identify yourselves!" she barked. "And for both your sakes, those uniforms of yours had better damn well be really good Halloween costumes!"

"Gah!" one of the Team Rocket grunts exclaimed, shocked at the sight of the Pawniard who was suddenly accosting them. "What the hell's a Pawniard doin' here?" he asked his coworker. "This is the old Masters place- Boss said it oughta be deserted after Masters was dealt with."

"Clearly not all his Pokémon were dealt with," sighed the other grunt. "That- it's him!" he added suddenly, pointing to the 24-year-old Trainer currently bursting out of his front door. "It's Masters! He's alive!"

"Not for long, he ain't!" declared the first grunt, throwing a Rocket Ball. "Pangoro!" he shouted.

Likewise, the second grunt threw a Rocket Ball of his own. "Go, Krookodile!" he added.

The Rocket Balls burst open, each one unleashing a creature Keith was unfamiliar with. One was a bipedal crocodile, red in coloration with sunglasses-esque markings around the eyes, and the other was a black and white bear with a twig in its mouth. Keith took out his new Pokédex, purple with a yellow skull-and-crossbones symbol on the cover. As Keith opened it and pointed it at the Rockets' Pokémon, the indicator light started blinking the same shade of Koffing Smog Yellow as the skull and crossbones on the front of the device.

"Pangoro, the Daunting Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pancham," the device stated, its voice somewhat different from Keith's old Pokédex as it scanned the black and white creature. "Pangoro charges into a fight, bashing its opponents mercilessly, not caring about any damage it takes. It uses the leaf in its mouth to sense an enemy's movements. Krookodile, the Intimidation Pokémon, and the evolved form of Krokorok," it continued as Keith turned the device on the red Pokémon. "Krookodile can expand the focus of its eyes, allowing it to see into the distance as if through binoculars. Extremely violent, it tries to bite down on anything that moves in its presence."

Ginny's blades were still brandished threateningly, though she was eyeing the Pangoro and Krookodile warily now. She figured they must outlevel her thoroughly, and much as she was willing to Cut some Team Rocket throats, she knew those Pokémon would reduce her to scrap metal if she so much as tried.

And Keith must have realized this as well. "Ginny, come back," he instructed his Pawniard. She floated backwards, still glaring murderously at the Rockets and their Pokémon. Keith, meanwhile, threw two Poké Balls of his own. "Go, Godric! Go, Rowena!" he exclaimed as his Nidoking and Nidorina materialized in twin flashes of light. As usual, Rowena the Nidorina didn't look too pleased about having to battle, and yet there was that gleam of excitement in her eyes all the same, Keith couldn't help but notice... what was her deal?

"Pfft," scoffed one of the grunts. "Krookodile, Earthquake!"

"Pangoro, Protect!" called the other grunt.

"Rowena, Reflect!" Keith ordered. "Godric, use Aqua Tail on Krookodile!"

"Niiidooooooh!" roared Godric as he charged forward, water and Water-type energy alike swirling all around his thick, powerful tail. Rowena, meanwhile, focused hard, causing a shimmering wall of light to materialize all around her, as well as Godric. The wall, thankfully, did not diminish Godric's own attack power, as he swung his powerful Tail, the Aquatic assault catching Krookodile off-guard- and as Keith had hoped, it was off-guard enough to stop the Earthquake attack before it started.

The grunts, however, weren't so pleased about this. "Krookodile, get that Nidoking!" ordered one of the grunts. "Use your own Aqua Tail!"

"Pangoro, hit it with Karate Chop!" snarled the other grunt.

"Godric, use Thrash!" Keith called.

An angry gleam became visible in Godric's eyes as he roared loudly. As Krookodile and Pangoro converged on him, the Nidoking started Thrashing wildly about, pummeling the Dark-types mercilessly in a frenzied rage... or perhaps an enraged frenzy. Either way, before long, both opposing Pokémon collapsed to the ground, unable to take any more, as Godric started stumbling around, roaring in confusion. This prompted Keith to withdraw his Nidoking just as the grunts were withdrawing their fallen Pokémon.

"Damn it!" spat one of the grunts. "The boss ain't gonna be happy when he hears about this!"

"And who says he's going to hear about it?" Keith demanded. As if on cue, Ginny began to fly forward once more, blades still brandished threateningly. At this, the grunts exchanged nervous glances before running away.

"Dey're gettin' away!" Meowth exclaimed.

"Like hell they are!" Keith declared, throwing a Poké Ball as he jumped down from the short tree which held up his Secret Base. "Salazar, let's ride!" he exclaimed as the dark grey Scolipede materialized. Quickly, Keith withdrew his Numel and Nidorina, and as he climbed onto Salazar's back, they were off.

Thankfully, the trip wasn't a long one- rare is the human being that can outrun a well-trained Scolipede, and these grunts were most assuredly not exceptions to that rule. Before long, Salazar was barring their way. They had gone just past the forest near the Secret Base, and were currently in a wide open plain.

"Oh, come on!" exclaimed one of the grunts out of frustration.

"Yeah," Keith smirked. "This just ain't your day, is it?"

"Yeah, well- oh. Oho. Ahaha, ahahahahahahaaaa!" replied the other grunt, his retort turning into a triumphant laugh as he seemed to take notice of something directly behind Keith. Oh, boy. Keith slowly wheeled around, and sure enough, he could see something flying in from the distance, and now he could hear it as well- a helicopter, black with a red R on either side, and as it landed, several Team Rocket members unloaded a large machine. It reminded Keith of a water cooler, only instead of a clear plastic jug of water, there was a gigantic glass container, packed with identical shiny black rocks. An ordinary stone was fitted to the machine with some sort of laser pointed directly at it. It wasn't shooting anything at the rock just yet, but Keith had a nasty feeling that they aimed to change that.

"We're all set," smirked one of the newcomers. "Now, if this guy would be so kind as to hand over his Moon Stone-"

"I don't have one," Keith lied.

"Liar!" snapped another grunt, this one clutching a handheld device of some sort. "This gadget here tells me you have a Moon Stone right there in that backpack of yours. Now hand it over!" he snarled, holding out a Rocket Ball. The other three grunts he had accompanied in the helicopter did likewise, each of them brandishing a Rocket Ball.

"Interesting idea," Keith remarked, casually tossing several Poké Balls into the air, unleashing his Numel, Nidoking, and Nidorina. "But let me make you a counteroffer... um... what's the phrase I'm looking for... uh... eat my shorts."

"Enough of this nonsense!" exclaimed one of the grunts, throwing his Rocket Ball. The other grunts followed suit, and before Keith knew it, he found himself facing a Raticate, a Machoke, a Yanmega, and a Golbat.

Keith narrowed his eyes at the Pokémon the Rockets had sent out. “Oh, we can take these!” he scoffed. “Vinny, Flamethrower! Salazar, Sludge Bomb! Godric, Poison Tail! Rowena, use Ice Beam!”

And with that, the battle began. Vinny unleashed a powerful stream of fire from his mouth, but Yanmega was able to deflect it by charging up and unleashing a Powerful orb of Ancient Rock energy which cut through the Flamethrower like a knife through extremely fiery butter, then went on to crash into the Numel. Salazar, meanwhile, fired Sludge Bomb after Sludge Bomb at the Machoke, but it was able to evade the move by way of Double Team, before responding with a Mega Punch attack. Godric swung his mighty Tail, which currently glowed purple with Poison energy, right into the Raticate, but even as the poisoning took effect, Raticate started to look even more vicious than before, its Guts Ability beginning to kick in. Finally, Rowena nervously yet determinedly launched her Ice Beam at the Golbat, managing to freeze one of its wings solid. Golbat, however, responded by generating a Heat Wave, melting the ice on its wing almost instantly before blowing the hot wind onto the Nidorina.

Keith looked on, grimacing as his Numel fainted- Yanmega had followed up on its Ancient Power with a Wing Attack, leaving Vinny little time to respond- indeed, Yanmega was getting progressively faster, almost as though its Speed was being gradually Boosted. To further complicate matters, Golbat and Yanmega then converged on Salazar with their respective Wing Attacks. "Salazar, Rollout!" Keith ordered.

"Scolipeeeeeeede!" bellowed Salazar as he curled up into a huge ball larger than a truck tire and rolled forward, slamming into Golbat and Yanmega simultaneously. After taking a few blows such as this, Golbat and Yanmega both fainted, but before Salazar could celebrate, he was knocked out by Raticate's Flame Wheel.

"Come back, Salazar!" Keith groaned, withdrawing his Scolipede. "Godric! Mega Punch!" he ordered.

"Niiiidooooooh!" Godric roared in response, charging forward, white energy swirling around his right fist. Then he drew back said fist and slammed it into Raticate, sending it flying. When it came to rest at the Rockets' feet, it too was unconscious.

"Grr..." growled the grunt who withdrew the Raticate. "This guy's tough."

"Yeah, well, so are we!" exclaimed another grunt. "Machoke, Fire Blast!"

"MaCHOOOOOOOOKE!" bellowed Machoke. Keith's eyes widened- the Fighting-type was now unleashing the uniquely-shaped Fire Blast- one of the most powerful Fire attacks in existence! And it was headed straight for Rowena!

Godric roared his displeasure at this and hastened to put himself between the Nidorina and the Fire Blast. Keith gritted his teeth as the Nidoking intercepted the attack, trying with all his might to push it back. Rowena, meanwhile, gazed up at the Nidoking who was doing this for her. "Rina..." she murmured.

"Niiii... Niiiidooooh..." grunted Godric- the Fire Blast was starting to win out.

"Give it up, punk," sneered one of the grunts. "We got all the Moon Stones we need except one- you're going to give us that last Moon Stone we need!"

"Hell, no!" Keith shot back defiantly. "I am not gonna help you make a Mist Stone! Bringing a Poké God into existence will put the entire world in danger!"

The grunts scowled. "He knows too much!" one of them exclaimed. "Machoke, forget that Nidoking- get the stubborn asshole in the cowboy hat!"

"Maaaa," Machoke smirked, letting up on the Fire Blast at long last. Godric had managed to hold the move back, and was still conscious, but was now in pain, covered in burns. Rowena looked on in horror as the Machoke drew closer to Keith, and she knew she had to act. Summoning her courage and determination, the Nidorina charged forward and Tackled Machoke hard. Before Machoke could recover, Rowena followed up with a powerful Double Kick, and then with a Rock Smash. Machoke growled as the Nidorina kept landing attacks before finally managing a Karate Chop. She had been in the process of attempting another Double Kick, and as she flew backwards, she ended up delivering a powerful kick to Keith's torso, so quick was Machoke's counterattack that she hadn't had time to stop the attack.

"Rinaaa!" Rowena gasped, horrified as she saw Keith double over- the kick had packed some serious power, and though he was fairly certain nothing was broken or damaged, it still hurt.

"Ooof..." Keith murmured, before he saw just how horrified his Nidorina looked. "Rowena, don't worry about me," he added, managing a brave, reassuring smile. "That was a pretty good Double Kick. Keep it up!"

"Yeah," Meowth added, hopping down off of Keith's shoulder. "Yer doin' pretty good."

"Ohhhh..." sighed Rowena. "But, but this is exactly what I was afraid of! I... I don't want to hurt anybody... not again," she said quietly.

"What do you mean, 'again'?" Godric asked, the Nidoking still looking in no condition to battle, but more concerned with Rowena than with himself.

Rowena sighed. "I... Nobody else knows about this, not even Chad or his Pokémon, as far as I know," sighed Rowena. "There was a time when I loved to battle. And one time, I snuck away from Chad and the others, before he traded me to Keith, just to try and get in some training against wild Pokémon. And... And I... I... that poor Patrat," Rowena sniffed, tears coming to her eyes. "I was enjoying the battle so much I... I didn't even realize how badly I was... It had a family!" Rowena wailed. "And I killed it!"

"Rowena..." murmured Godric. "I had no idea. But... it was an accident, right? You shouldn't stop doing something you love doing just because one bad thing happened."

"I... I don't know, maybe you're right," the Nidorina sighed. "But just now, I accidentally kicked Keith in the stomach! I... I don't want to hurt anybody..."

"Do youse has any idea how many times dis guy's been injured durin' trainin' sessions?" Meowth demanded, gesturing to Keith. "He's taken misfired Sludges, Water Guns, Confusions, Shadow Sneaks, Icy Winds, it goes on and on. Dat kinda ting happens."

"It's true," Keith nodded to Rowena. "Accidents are inevitable, Rowena. Just because one of them went badly for you doesn't mean you should give up on battling altogether, especially if you enjoy it. And let me tell you, whenever you do battle, I can tell you enjoy it."

Rowena said nothing as she looked around. They all made decent points. Could it... could it really be OK for her to battle?

"How touching," sneered the grunt in command of Machoke. "OK, Machoke, put an end to this sappy mess! Earthquake! Finish off that stupid Nidoking!"

At this, Rowena spun around and raced forward. "Rinaaaaa!" she screeched as she lunged forward and Tackled the Machoke once again, throwing it off balance before it could use the Earthquake attack. "Rina rina rina rina!" she snarled as she started striking with Scratch and Double Kick yet again. Keith couldn't tell what his Nidorina was saying, of course, but he did notice that Godric was starting to blush.

"What's Rowena saying?" Keith muttered to Meowth.

"Sometin' about rippin' off Machoke's head and puttin' it on display as a warnin' ta anyone fool enough ta go after Godric," Meowth muttered back. "She also pretty much just admitted dat she's in love wit Godric."

"Ma.... CHOKE" grunted Machoke, finally throwing the Nidorina off of her. Keith raced backward to try and catch her, but Godric was quicker, despite his battered, beaten, and burned state. The Nidoking caught the Nidorina and held her close. And then, Keith saw that Machoke was approaching him, punching its right fist into its left hand threateningly.

"Uh, guys?" Keith called back, for the pair of Poison-types seemed to be lost in a romantic moment.

"Ri? Rina!" Rowena exclaimed as the reality of the situation sank in. And very quickly, the quick-witted Nidorina realized there was only one surefire way to stop Team Rocket from getting their hands on Keith's Moon Stone. She jumped down out of Godric's arms, raced over to Keith, jumped up, and started to rummage through his backpack. Keith grunted as his backpack was suddenly 44 pounds heavier, but managed to keep his footing. And then, finally, Rowena hopped down off of Keith's back. Machoke glared down as she revealed what she had been concealing with her front legs- the Moon Stone Keith had had in his backpack. And then, what happened next was completely expected- Rowena started to glow. As she had planned, the Moon Stone was absorbed into her body as she grew larger, taller, and bulkier, her tail getting longer and thicker, the shape of her body changing to allow her to stand on her hind legs, making her front legs work more akin to arms. At last, the glowing faded, and Keith was beholding a formidable . "NIIIIDOOOOOOOH!" Rowena roared. Amazed at the sight of Rowena's new form, Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at her.

"Nidoqueen, the Drill Pokémon, and the evolved form of Nidorina," said the device. "Nidoqueen's body is covered in hard scales which grant it strong protection from oncoming attacks. Its hefty bulk allows it to execute powerful moves, even allowing it to send enemies flying with a single Tackle."

"I get it," Keith grinned. "You did that so they couldn't take the Moon Stone," he said. Rowena nodded, happy that Keith had caught on. "Well, that'd do it, all right," Keith said with a smile. "And I was saving that Moon Stone for you, anyway, so it's all good. Hm?" he added, looking at something on his Pokédex. "Rowena, looks like you even learned a new move!" he declared.

"What do we do now?" asked one of the grunts.

"We kill the guy with the hat," said the Machoke's owner. "The guy's seen too much. Then we haul ass outta here, get that last Moon Stone from somewhere else. Machoke, do it!" he added, as his Fighting-type stormed forward.

"Rowena!" Keith exclaimed, his newly-evolved Nidoqueen already standing before him, roaring loudly, ready to battle. "Use Tackle!"

"Niiiidooooh!" growled Rowena. With earth-shaking steps, the Nidoqueen charged forward, slamming into Machoke with considerable force. It didn't send it flying, but it did send Machoke stumbling backwards.

"Close Combat!" roared the grunt.

"Rowena, Superpower!" Keith ordered, deciding on the spot to try out his Nidoqueen's new attack.

The combatants charged towards each other, and Machoke started punching, kicking, and chopping at the Nidoqueen without mercy, but the Poison/Ground-type took the attack well. Not only that, but Machoke seemed to have struck one of Rowena's spikes- the Fighting-type groaned as Poison Point's effects became apparent. Capitalizing on this momentary distraction, Rowena focused a lot of Fighting energy into her tail. Then, she wheeled around and slammed the tail into Machoke, and this one did send it flying. It crashed, to Keith's delight, into the device that had been unloaded from Team Rocket's helicopter. The machine was crushed beneath Machoke's weight, and Moon Stones went flying in every direction.

"No! The machine!" exclaimed one of the grunts.

"Get the Moon Stones!" ordered the grunt with Machoke, who Keith was starting to suspect was the leader of that group of Team Rocket grunts. "The machine can be rebuilt! Just get those Moon Stones!"

"Yeah, I don't think so," Keith smirked. "Rowena, trap them with Reflect!"

The Nidoqueen nodded and roared her approval, then closed her eyes and focused. Immediately, shimmering walls of light appeared all around all of the Team Rocket grunts present, as well as the now-unconscious Machoke still lying atop the crushed remnants of the machine. The grunts shouted loudly as they banged their fists against the Reflect, trying to get free. Keith paid them no attention- instead, he called the police from his Xtransceiver, and they were on the scene within minutes, collecting the Moon Stones and promising to return them to their rightful owners, and more importantly, arresting the Team Rocket grunts.

As Salazar was in no condition to be giving rides at this time, Keith opted to walk home, Meowth on his shoulder, and his Nidoking and Nidoqueen walking hand in hand behind them. He was a little concerned by what that one Team Rocket grunt had said about being able to rebuild the machine, but right now, he was just glad to have been such a huge detriment to such a horrifying evil plot. And of course, his Nidorina evolving, that was pretty awesome, too. All in all, a good day.

What? Nidorina is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Nidorina evolved into Nidoqueen!

*Rowena learned Superpower!*

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