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Leading the way to the Pokecenter, Haru answers the question a little cautiously, rubbing his hand along the back of his neck. "Well... you know Robert. Always willing to do anything for a good cause..." He stops just outside of the Center to finish his sentence. "Look some of the more... hopeful... townspeople have been trying to get some plants growing out here. But it's just too cold and too far gone for anything to thrive anymore. Things like the berries would be of better use in Violet, I've heard they're starting up a garden. But... they're stubborn. They won't give up that easily and I can't just steal the plants and leave town. Not now that I have these two to look after." Sighing, he opens the door to the Center, revealing a fair few people inside from whom he was attempting to hide the conversation. "Would there be any way you could help?"
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