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Round 4: What is energy?

Both Pokemon are looking pretty tired as the round comes in, probably because they've gone three rounds of hard fighting. Anyways, Cannon charges up a beam of energy in front of him, this attack we've seen a couple of times before. Maybe it was just one but I feel like I've reffed it like twenty times already. Buzz Buzz sees the attack charging up and prepares his own attack, light-blue energy forming around its body. The two attacks fire off, and Buzz tires to avoid his opponent's attack with his own, but his tired state and the fact that Aerial Ace isn't a good move to use for avoiding attacks in the slightest and Buzz Buzz takes the attack right to the face, falling into the muck somewhat as he takes a plowing of damage. Recovering from the attack quickly, the Ninjask rises out of the muck, the little bit on its wings quickly being blown off before it lands in a tall mangrove, gathering energy as it begins to heal its wounds, the energy quickly removing some of the damage its taken as a result of the battle.

Cannon came out okay this round, having gotten a good break, while Buzz Buzz currently has a small lead on health, but still wants a break. He's not as tired as last round though.
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