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As Keith approaches the Boutique's cash register, a familiar-looking cashier was standing behind it.

Bonjour!” she greeted him as cheerful as possible, although felt a bit forced. “Comment allez-vous! ...So, a custom Pokéd-” She suddenly stopped mid-sentence as she realized who she was talking to. “Keith, is that you!? Oh my Arceus, long time no see! I should've known from that order of that custom poison-themed Pokédex and that checkup for the poison sludge on the Smeargle's tail that they were about you!”

Said cashier was actually the one and only Okiku Hirundo, bizarrely wearing a stylish and feminine pink dress.

“Well if you're wondering why I'm here, well they were looking for new workers, especially French speakers, as they're looking to expand the place soon, something about giving it a more... Kalosian flair? Well I decided to take it!” Her enthusiasm slowly turned into frustration and embarrassment, lowering her head. “...Though, I didn't know I would be forced to greet everyone in French even though I know nobody understands me, and that would be wear this... getup as a uniform, and-”

A coughing woman is heard behind her. Okiku suddenly freezes and turned around towards her.

“S-sorry boss!” she very lightly bowed to her before turning her attention back to Keith, her face still a bit red. “...Anyways,” she quickly counted his coins then gave him his new Pokédex along with his Smeargle's Pokéball, “Everything's in order! One poison-themed, classic Kanto model Pokédex, and one healthy, sludge-painting Smeargle!” She smiled again, this time looking more genuine. “Have a nice day, Keith! Hope to see you again!”

Missingno. Master: purchase of custom Pokédex and recolor of your Smeargle's tail paint confirmed!
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