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Oh god I forgot about this entirely I'm so sorry e.e

Warrior decides to continue his ranged approach, and slashes at the air, sending a wave of hardened psychic energy toward Nico. Nico is ready for it, though, and jumps into the air, swinging his metallic-coated tail straight through the energy, though it still stings a bit. Nico then slams his tail into Warrior, who stumbles backward from the blow. Nico begins to crackle with electricity, and with a howl to the sky, looses a mighty bolt of lightning, followed by a loud thunder clap. The bolt surges through Warrior, who finds himself, once again, feeling quite paralyzed. He stumbles forward, fist glowing green, ready to drain some life from Nico with the punch, but he falls to his knees as the paralysis overtakes him. Nico has a good chuckle, but not for long, as the venom attacks his system yet again.

Warrior has crashed past the midpoint, and is very paralyzed. He's Good for two thanks to the forced one mover, though.

Nico will be facing some immediate exhaustion going into the next round, and is looking pretty bushed overall. He's acquired a lead now, though it's rather small, as his health is just past the midpoint as well.

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