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"Bart! Zen Headbutt!" Keith ordered.

"Godric, use Tackle!" commanded... another Keith?!

"Dis is surreal," Meowth remarked as he stood on the sidelines, watching what appeared to be two copies of his Trainer battling each other, one of them using Bart, Keith's Scraggy, and the other one using Godric, Keith's Nidoking.

"Well, Jack's been on the team for a while now," said a small, blue, pointy creature who was standing behind Meowth. The Nidoran♀ was shyly watching the battle, seeming to show special interest in the bigger, bulkier, and more purple of the two combatants. "Shouldn't you be used to seeing this by now?"

Meowth turned to glance at Rowena. "Is youse?" he retorted.

"...Good point," Rowena mumbled.

Meanwhile, Bart had rammed headfirst into Godric, who grunted in pain, but ultimately managed to shrug off the attack before slamming into the Scraggy, sending him flying.

"Bart, you still good to go?" Keith asked.

"Scrag... Scraggy!" Bart nodded determinedly as he climbed back to his feet.

"Godric, Horn Attack, go!" ordered "Keith".

"Pull up your pants and block it!" Keith cried out.

"Scrag!" grunted Bart as he hoisted up the extremely baggy skin "pants" that concealed the lower half of his body, pulling them tight, all the way up to his neck. Godric, meanwhle, crashed down onto all fours and charged headfirst into Bart. Though the Scraggy stood his ground impressively, the elastic skin "pants" managing to slow Godric down, the Horn Attack ultimately won out. Bart collapsed to the ground at Keith's feet.

"Bart is unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Da winners is Jack and Godric!"

Keith knelt down beside Bart. "Nice battling, Bart," he grinned. "You're getting better at deflecting attacks, and I for one would hate to be on the business end of that Zen Headbutt. Bart said nothing, but gave Keith a somewhat grudging yet undoubtedly grateful grin in response. Keith then stood back up. "You too, Jack, Godric," he added as his doppelganger approached him. "Godric, that Horn Attack was excellent," he smiled. "And Jack, you're really getting the hang of remembering your teammates' attacks. We keep this up, soon you'll be even better at remembering minor details. You might even be able to do a perfect transformation going solely off of memory."

In response, Keith's doppelganger glowed briefly, assuming the exact shape of the Nidoking now behind him... except the horn was a bit on the short side, the ears were just a bit too large, and the tail was longer and thinner than usual. "Niiiidoh?" Jack grunted questioningly.

Keith shook his head. "Horn's too short, ears are too big, tail's too long and thin," he said.

Roaring his disapproval, Jack glowed once again, turning back into an exact copy of his Trainer. "Damn it to the Distortion World!" Jack groaned. "The tail again! Every damn time!"

"Remember- it's supposed to be thick," Keith advised his Ditto. "Godric here could reduce a telephone pole to a pile of toothpicks with one swing of his tail if he so chose, y'know?"

"Right, right," nodded the Ditto. "You want I should try again?"

"Maybe after lunch," replied Keith. "Hermione and Shelley should have the burgers ready soon."

"Excellent, I'm so hungry I could eat a Rapidash," said Jack. "Man, did I luck out, coming to this team! Your training's awesome, you got no problem just letting me be myself, and your Weedle is the best damn cook ever!"

"She certainly is," Keith nodded. Then, he turned and knelt down beside the Nidoran♀. "Rowena, how about you now?" he asked. "Think you might be ready to show us what you can do in battle?"

"Ni... Nido..." Rowena murmured shyly, shaking her head vigorously. Keith sighed- this was hardly the first time she'd reacted as such to the idea of battling. She seemed highly adverse to the notion of battling for reasons nobody could fathom. In fact, they had yet to even see her use any of her attacks, to the point where Stewie and Vinny were betting on whether she even knew any attacks.

"Alright, that's OK," Keith said kindly. "I'm not gonna force you to battle if you don't want to. The thing is," he added, "Rowena, I'd just feel better if I knew that you could at least hold your own in battle if ever you needed to, y'know? Training doesn't mean you have to battle, it just means you'll be prepared in case of an emergency."

"Nido..." murmured Rowena. She nodded almost imperceptibly, though Keith caught sight of the nod nevertheless. She still didn't feel ready to get involved in training, yet at the same time she couldn't deny that Keith had a point. Yes, perhaps someday, if only to put her Trainer's mind at ease..


Meanwhile, as they continued to talk to pass the time, none of them noticed a couple of sinister figures lurking behind the trees in the distance.

"Target sighted," smirked one of them. "That's him- Keith Masters."

"Which one?" asked the other one, shorter than his companion. "There's two guys there, it's like one of them's looking into a mirror!"

"The one on the left, dumbass," snapped the taller of the two. "Didn't you see the other one turn into a Nidoking and back again? That's a Ditto. Learn to pay attention for once in your damn life."

"OK, OK, geez! Don't have a Miltank, man," grumbled the other guy. "So what'd this Masters fellow do to get the boss so riled, anyway?"

The taller man shot his partner an annoyed look. "I told you twenty times already," he snapped irritably. "That's the guy who singlehandedly shut down our black market Moo-Moo Milk operation. His antics even got Kaden arrested, and he's one of the best battlers we got! Not to mention getting one of Team Rocket's best recruiters arrested as well. See, if you'd paid attention, you'd know why this guy is a huge detriment to Team Rocket's operation, and why the boss wants him dealt with!"

"Ohh, OK," nodded the shorter Team Rocket Grunt. "So how do we do that?"

The taller grunt facepalmed. "Were you listening to one word I was saying back at headquarters?!"

"Of course I was!" the shorter grunt replied defensively. "You had my complete and undivided attentio- all right, I didn't catch so much as one syllable," he sighed. "Long day, I missed lunch, I spaced out a little, can you blame me?"

"...Just ready the Rocket Balls we got at headquarters," snapped the other guy. Indeed, he already had half a dozen black and red spheres. Each sphere had a red R on the black half. Following suit, the shorter grunt prepared six more Rocket Balls, and together, the duo tossed them into the air. In a dozen flashes of light, a number of identical brown Pokémon materialized.


"...What was that?" Keith asked suddenly.

"What was what?" said Jack, looking around.

"Thought I heard something, coming from the forest," Keith frowned, looking off into the distance. "I guess it wasn't much of anything- what the?!" For at that moment, a great number of identical-looking rodents charged out from the trees, coming straight towards the base. Each rodent had extremely large teeth and fuzzy brown fur. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the oncoming horde.

"Raticate, a Mouse Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Rattata can chew through solid concrete with absurd ease."

"Dey don't look too friendly," Meowth remarked.

"Oh, we can handle this," Keith smirked, turning to the Poison/Ground-type beside him. "Godric, Bubble Beam!"

"Nidooooooh!" roared Godric as he fired off a powerful jet of foam from his mouth. One of the Raticate was struck by the move, but continued to charge forward, which surprised Keith- he'd have figured the Bubble Beam would've taken it out in one shot.

"Uh... Try your Drill Run attack," he said, clearly having been caught off-guard.

"Nidoh!" Godric grunted as glowing brown energy started to swirl all around his horn. The Nidoking then charged forward, but even as the move made contact with one Raticate, the other eleven jumped up and attacked as one. Godric roared his displeasure as numerous Hyper Fang attacks all met their mark simultaneously.

"Godric!" Keith exclaimed, but between the training battle and the powerful Normal-type moves he had just taken, the Nidoking slumped to the ground. Rowena gasped in horror as the Raticate started to surround him menacingly-

"Godric, return!" Keith exclaimed, holding out the Nidoking's Poké Ball. Before the Raticate could get too close, Godric was withdrawn back into the spherical confines of his Poké Ball. Keith then pulled out another ball. "Alright, no more playing around," he declared as he threw the ball. "Marvolo, dinner time!" he cried out as a Seviper emerged from the ball. Already practically salivating at the sight of a dozen Raticate before him, Marvolo lunged forward. Keith smirked as the fight commenced- Marvolo was powerful as is, but when motivated by hunger? Those Raticate didn't stand a chance.

...Or so he thought. Though Marvolo managed to eat two or three Raticate, the surviving Normal-types were starting to wear him down with their repeated Hyper Fang and Super Fang attacks. And then, wheels of fire formed around each one of them, and they rolled forward together. Marvolo hissed his displeasure as around nine or ten Flame Wheel attacks made contact at once. Keith could already see several burns on the Seviper's scaly skin- and then, Marvolo began to slither out of his own mouth, leaving the charred skin behind as his Shed Skin Ability kicked in, triggered by the burns. With renewed vigor, Marvolo slammed his tail into the ground, causing a powerful Earthquake. The Raticate were tossed around like so many furry pieces of popcornn, but only one of them actually passed out. As Marvolo and the remaining Raticate resumed their fight, Keith eyed the unconscious Raticate with a familiar gleam in his eye.

With one hand, Keith turned his cowboy hat backwards (inwardly thankful that his Banette was not witnessing this, lest she snidely point out the pointlessness of this action). With the other hand, he readied a blue and white sphere, with two red stripes on the blue half. "All right! Go, Great Ball!" Keith exclaimed, chucking the sphere at the Raticate.

The Great Ball struck the Raticate and rose up into the air and split open, but as transparent red energy formed around the Raticate, it didn't turn the Raticate into more transparent red energy. Instead, the energy dissipated altogether, and the ball snapped shut and flew back into Keith's hand, leaving the Raticate still upon the ground.

"Wait, what?" Keith murmured. "These Raticate belong to somebody!"

As soon as he said this, Marvolo came rolling back towards him, unconscious and tied in knots. And the Raticate were still coming, nine of them still with a lot of fight left in them. And then, two grown men stepped out from the trees, behind the Raticate. "All right, finish them!" commanded the taller of the two men. Keith's mouth fell open- both men were dressed in identical black clothes, each of their shirts bearing a large, red R.

"Team Rocket?!" Keith exclaimed. "Well, now I'm not sorry my Seviper ate some of your Raticate!"

"Shut it," snapped the taller Team Rocket Grunt. "You picked the wrong bad guys to screw with, and the boss wants you dealt with."

"M-maybe youse could get Helena out here?" Meowth suggested to Keith. "A Shuppet wit a grudge against Team Rocket might come in handy here."

"I don't disagree," Keith conceded, "but Helena's not here. She took Joy to the Pokémon Center for a checkup." And he turned to his doppelganger. "Jack, Transform into Bart!" he ordered.

"On it," nodded the Ditto, before glowing briefly and assuming the shape of the barely conscious Scraggy still lying on the ground. Grinning confidently, Jack charged forward and smashed one of his fists into the head of a Raticate, the Punch seeming to Power him Up somehow. Emboldened by this, Jack repeated the Power-Up Punch attack, but after this, he took note of the faint red aura that had come over the Raticate's body. "...Oh, crap," Jack murmured, just as the Raticate unleashed the stored-up energy from Bide. Before Keith knew it, a slightly jiggling, totally unconscious Ditto was lying at his feet. Hastily, he turned to get into his Secret Base, alert the Pokémon he had in there, but by that point there were a pair of Raticate blocking his way. The pair of Team Rocket Grunts grinned nastily as their Raticate started to surround Keith and his Pokémon on all sides. Slowly, menacingly they advanced on him, outrageously large fangs at the ready... Godric re-emerged from his ball, but was still too weakened to do anything...

Except not all of Keith's Pokémon were surrounded. Rowena peeked out from behind the dead tree, a conflict raging in her mind. She hated to fight, and yet, her Trainer was in danger- and Godric was in danger, too! But then, common sense started to replace fear and nervousness, and she knew what needed be done. With her small yet sharp claws, Rowena attacked the ground beneath her, burrowing her way underground.

"Dis is it, ain't it?" Meowth whimpered. Keith did not answer. He was wracking his brains furiously. Obviously Meowth would be able to fight the Raticate, but he'd be outnumbered nine to one, and Keith saw how that worked out for some of his stronger Pokémon. No, he wasn't gonna take that kind of absurd risk with Meowth's life. And then, one of the Raticate, the one directly in front of Keith, it jumped up, lunged straight for Keith's face with its mouth wide open, as though looking to Bite his head clean off-


Keith opened his eyes. He was not, in fact, dead. As soon as this fact registered in his mind, he started to look around for a reason as to why he was not dead. And he found it rather quickly- the Raticate had slammed into some kind of shimmering barrier, and was slowly sliding down it to the ground. Keith looked around for the source of the Reflect, and as he glanced at his feet, he could see a small hole in the ground, right behind Rowena, who was keeping the Reflect going with intense focus.

"Wha- Rowena?" Keith murmured.

"Ran! Nidoran!" nodded Rowena. She looked up at Keith, and in that moment, Keith understood perfectly- she was now ready to battle. And as big a risk Keith knew it would be, there was something about the look in Rowena's eyes that told him that it was a risk worth taking.

Keith nodded back. "All right, Rowena," he replied, quickly consulting his Pokédex for a list of the Poison-type's moves. "Use Double Kick!"

"Raaaaan!" Rowena shouted as she lunged forward. Twirling in midair, the Poison Pin Pokémon delivered two forceful kicks in quick succession, sending the Raticate tumbling backwards. It was looking battered, but it still got back up. Keith was amazed- up until now, Rowena shied away from the very idea of battling, and now here she was, taking on these Raticate like it was nothing, and looking right at home doing it, too. And winning, on top of it all!

"Now! Tackle it!" Keith ordered.

"Nidoran! Nidoran! Nidoran!" grunted Rowena as she charged forward, ramming the Raticate with exceptional force. And this time, when the Normal-type hit the ground, it did not get back up. At this, however, the other eight Raticate hissed their displeasure, and began to advance on Rowena.

"Uh-oh," Meowth murmured.

Rowena glanced around, saw the numerous Raticate closing in on her from all sides. But she wasn't scared. No. She was gonna make those Raticate sorry they ever hatched is what she was gonna do. She still hated to fight, but her friends- no, her family was in trouble, and that trumped everything.

Rowena's body began to glow brightly, causing the Raticate to nervously stop in place as the Poison-type grew larger. Her ears got bigger, her body grew larger, her legs got longer and thicker, and her tail became much more noticeable. And finally, the glow faded away, revealing a where a Nidoran♀ once stood. "Rinaaaaaa!" screeched Rowena as Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Nidorina, a Poison Pin Pokémon. The evolved form of the female Nidoran," droned the device. "Unlike Nidorino, the horns develop slowly. It prefers clawing and biting attacks when in battle."

"Rowena... wow!" Keith exclaimed. "OK, ready?" he added, as the other Raticate began to close in.

"Rina!"nodded Rowena.

Keith nodded back. "Then use your Ice Beam attack!" he ordered.

Though Keith had been intending for Rowena to just pick a Raticate, the newly-evolved Nidorina had a different idea. She jumped up, then launched Ice Beam straight down, allowing her to land on a large, icy pillar. Godric watched all this, mouth agape- nobody on the team knew that Rowena had that kind of talent!

This gave Keith an idea. "Rowena! Rock Smash!" he ordered.

"Rinaaaaa!" Rowena exclaimed, jumping up yet again. And this time, as she descended, she smashed her front right leg into the ice pillar, the leg aglow with red energy. The pillar shattered on contact, sending sharp shards of ice flying in every direction. Every single Raticate was blasted with chunks of ice by the time Rowena landed on the ground.

"OK, Rowena!" Keith grinned. "Blast the lot of them with your Hidden Power attack!"

"Nidoooo... rinaaaaa!" Rowena replied. Orbs of energy started revolving around her, each orb crackling with electricity. And then, as Rowena yelled out, the orbs flew out in every direction, each one striking a Raticate. The smarter ones among them were hauling ass away from there at this point- the pair of Team Rocket grunts tried to withdraw them, but in their haste, found that they had grabbed the wrong Rocket Balls.

"Dammit," grumbled the taller one. "I knew we should've used a more diverse selection of Pokémon..."

"So why didn't we?" asked the shorter grunt.

"Because this was all the boss could spare," snapped the taller grunt. "Will you pay attention! I hate having to repeat every single detail to you when we leave headquarters!"

"OK, sorry, geez!" grumbled the shorter grunt.

"Hey- why are you guys wasting your time going after me, anyway?" Keith asked, as Rowena proceeded to launch into a series of Double Kicks in retaliation to the remaining Raticate converging on her. "Why does your boss want me dealt with?"

"Heh, you have to ask?" smirked the shorter grunt. "You got one of our best recruiters arrested! And Kaden, one of our top battlers! And you got that black market Moo-Moo Milk operation shut down-"

The taller grunt slapped his coworker. "Shut up, George!" he roared. "It's bad enough I gotta tell you everything without you telling the enemy everything!"

"I wasn't telling him everything!" the shorter grunt replied defensively. "This is stuff he already knows! I ain't spilling nothing new! Give me a little credit, Jerry, I ain't that stupid!"

"That's debatable," the grunt named Jerry retorted.

"Oh, come on," whined George. "It's not like I let slip anything about Project Stone Edge!"

Jerry's eyes narrowed. "Oh, you mean really crucial information, like, say the name of the project?" he hissed.

"Yeah, exactly," nodded George, completely missing the point. "Or like, say, how the boss wants to bring out the full potential of Moon Sto"

Jerry cut his oblivious coworker's monologue short by way of a punch to the face. "From now on, I do the talking!" he snapped. "And you!" he added, turning to face Keith. "You better forget everything you just heard today, if you know what's good for you!"

"Yeah, and if I don't?" Keith demanded defiantly.

Jerry sneered. "Well, for starters, I'm thinking our Raticate could maybe chew your face off," he said, but trailed off as he looked at the Raticate- Rowena was standing victoriously over them. The ones that hadn't fled or been eaten were unconscious.

Keith smirked. "You were saying?" he said smugly.

Scowling, Jerry and George (after a few tries) withdrew the Raticate. "You haven't seen the last of us, twerp!" Jerry roared as he and George hauled ass as far away from the Secret Base as they possibly could... which, as it turns out, was not far. A Pawniard had floated down by way of Magnet Rise, and was currently brandishing her blades in their faces. Seeing an opportunity, Rowena raced up and delivered a Double Kick, one kick to each grunt's head. The grunts slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Sweet," Keith grinned as he walked over to the unconscious grunts. "Now I think we should get these things over to the police-"

"One second," interrupted a voice identical to Keith's own- Keith looked to see that Jack had clearly regained consciousness, for the Ditto was now Transforming from Keith into Jerry, the taller of the two grunts. He then grabbed Jerry's cell phone off of his belt, and perused it.

"What are you-" Keith began.

"One second," Jack repeated, now sounding like Jerry. "Got a bit of the guy's knowledge in here. Not a lot about Team Rocket, but I got enough to pull this off." As he said this, he dialed a number. "Yeah," he added as someone picked up the phone on the other end. "Yes, sir. Yes. Jerry here. The threat is neutralized. Masters has been eliminated- cut that out, George!" he added, pretending to sound annoyed. "Sorry, sir, you know how George can be. Yes. Yes. Oh, absolutely- one more screwup and he's gone, I couldn't agree more. You know he actually let slip something about Project Stone Edge to that Masters guy? I mean, the whole operation would be in jeopardy if those Raticate you gave us hadn't chewed his face off, wouldn't it? Yes, yes, I made quite sure I wasn't followed. Uh huh. Uh huh. Well, naturally, naturally. Where was he? Well, you won't believe it- he's actually left the Fizzytopia region. We had to go all the way to friggin' Orre. Yeah, tell me about it. Well, of course the GPS is gonna say that, we only just got back to Fizzytopia now. And someone lost our phones in a restroom before we left Fizzytopia," he added, putting emphasis on "someone" as though insinuating it was George. "I tell you, we're damn lucky nobody found them. Hmm? Back to Orre? Yeah, no, George went to take a leak, why do you ask? Uh huh. Uh huh. Hmmmm," Jack said, feigning interest in whatever was being said. "Ditch him in the desert? I like. I like. What do I tell him, though?" A pause. "Promotion, of course. Head of Orre's branch. Brilliant, I love it, that's why you're the guy in charge. Excuse me, sir, but I don't believe it counts as ass-kissing if it happens to be true. OK. OK, bye." And with that, Jack hung up. "You're friggin' welcome," he smirked, looking at Keith.

"That... I... What in the Distortion World just happened?" asked Keith.

"Put in a call to Boss Rocket," smirked Jack as he Transformed back into Keith. "Ol' Jerry here's got the phone number saved, and I was able to learn that he was to call the boss to check in after ending you. So, let's see... I threw their boss way off your trail not only by telling him you were killed, but also by telling him you were in Orre, so he shouldn't be much of a thorn in your side from here on in. Also learned that George there has a history of accidentally spilling Team Rocket secrets. In fact, the boss wants Jerry to ditch George in the desert of Orre by telling him he'll be running a branch of Team Rocket there. Best part, he doesn't expect to hear from either of those clowns for about a month, so it'll take him a good, long while to sort this crap out, if he ever does."

"...Damn," was all Keith could say. "You are good, Jack. You are really, really good."

Even Ginny looked impressed. "Hey, Jack," she said, floating over to the Ditto. "I just want to... apologize for being so suspicious of you," she mumbled. "Seeing you throw a major criminal organization off of Keith's trail like that... I'm convinced you're not going to be a problem," she admitted.

Jack grinned. "Huh. I appreciate that. Thanks," he replied.

"What'd she say?" Keith asked.

"Ginny's sayin' she's sorry fer bein' so suspicious o' Jack," Meowth translated. "Makin' dat phone call ta trow Team Rocket offa da trail like dat convinced her dat he's alright."

"Glad to hear it, Ginny," Keith smiled at the Dark/Steel-type, who saluted him in response. "Now... what say we get these clowns to the police, hmm?" he added, nudging Jerry with his foot.

Ginny murmured something to Jack, who nodded and spoke up. "Ginny makes a good point- we oughta do something with their phones," he pointed out. "Their boss can track 'em with some kinda GPS technology, he'll get suspicious if he sees the phones going into a police station."

"Good point," nodded Keith. "You know what? I think this calls for a little voyage on the Banette's Revenge," he said with a a smile. "Sail to Orre, dispose of their phones, and come back. We can make a fun little vacation out of it, even." This was met with murmurs of assent and much nodding of heads. Keith led the way back into his Secret Base, hoping to start planning the voyage, but Godric stopped the Nidorina.

"Rowena," Godric said, "I... what was that, back there? I mean, you were incredible! I always thought you hated battling, but you looked like you were having the time of your life out there!"

Rowena blushed and looked down. "I... I used to enjoy battling," she admitted. "It- it's just... I don't... I don't want to hurt anyone," she mumbled. With that, she followed Keith and the rest of her teammates back into the Secret Base. Godric had a feeling there was more to this than he was getting, but decided that now was not the time to go digging any further.

What? Nidoran♀ is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Nidoran♀ evolved into Nidorina!

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